Workplace decorations

What have you got in your place of work? Inspirational posters? Dilbert printout? Plants? Stuff like that


Pretty big combined printer/scanner.


We have lots of hooks on which to put pictures. But so far as I’m aware they’ve never been used to hold up pictures, they’re just…there.

There’s a postal truck on the 10th floor here

We’ve got loads of signed football shirts and memorabilia and that.

Some of it is really good (Pele, Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham etc) but also, as our Director is a big Watford fan we’ve got some absolutely amazingly underwhelming stuff alongside it. (Signed boot from Odion Ighalo, a wall of signed boots featuring the likes of Craig Cathcart and Adrian Mariappa)


posters of the places my boss has been on holiday that i haven’t

A deflated birthday balloon that now resembles a testicle taped to the filing cabinet next to my desk. Frequently commented on

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There’s some inspirational shite on the walls and then some quite funny photos of our team on various site visits but that’s about it.

I have a picture of my best mates at a house party on my desk. Still waiting for the day that someone tells me to remove it.

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There’s lots of art in all of our company’s buildings - there’s even a job for the company’s art curator. I think it’s part of their policy that rather than have their profits sitting around in the bank they invest it in art which might one day be worth something.

Movie posters, cardboard cutouts, plush toys, “interactive posters” (big TVs) that occasionally show ads for very weird reality shows like Plastic Surgery Disasters. One of our meeting rooms has a wall covered in Trolls dolls with a very passive-aggressive note about not stealing them. All kinds of shite.

Mind you, we do have a free coffee bar and a very nice roof terrace, so can’t really complain!

the bin really helps this composition


not allowed to put anything on the walls here. it’s a serviced office so we don’t own it and the owners don’t like anything other than plain white walls.

the atrium has some plants i guess?

My shared workspace has an…eclectic range of art. The two things next to my desk that I can get away with taking pictures of are:

There’s a full display of my little ponies too :woman_shrugging:

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Big neon sign about cities being dead good. Art wall for workers who fancy showing their paintings and photography (This sounds a bit Tony Hart written down), a big wooden carving of a Victorian building, lots and lots of plants, a wall with march like tote bags and coffee cups that you can take, big screens with Twitter feeds on.

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have literally just put my annual work quiz trophy back on my desk to brighten the place up :trophy:

They got a curator in and he went wild and spent like £1.5 million on a load of Picasso and Warhol prints. So I’m looking at some of those now but mainly it’s plants.

this sounds nice

There’s quite a big dead plant in my office.