Workplace decorations

But what about the workplace decorations

All dead

There’s a bus stop sign in the bay behind me. Living plants are not allowed on the North Greenwich peninsula.

We have some big prints of a few of our completed projects, plus the odd gantt chart of ones that are in progress.

I’m usually one of the first people to arrive at the office in the morning.

Every so often and if no-one else has arrived yet, I will change the order of these pictures.

I haven’t told anyone that I do this, and while someone did once say “I thought that picture was over there”, they quickly dismissed this as their own mistake.

I plan on continuing to do this indefinitely.


Is it possible to turn them upside down?


When I used to work for the arts council i saw loads of amazing art on the walls that was regularly changed.

Now all I get is to see the odd health and safety poster.

Getting a bit jealous tbh. Almost every wall surface around here is covered with tedious IT process diagrams.

No, the hooks don’t work that way

That sounds like a challenge to me.


This was in one of the meeting rooms

It’s a David Shrigley bell

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I used to have a little person made out of blue tack and paper clips on my desk


this has reminded me of the squeezable pig that i used to have on my desk, was like a stress ball but pig shaped. big fan of that pig.

someone ripped it in half, rest in peace* :pig:

*the normal acronym for this seemed insensitive in the circumstances


Forgot I’d made this the other day

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An empty coffee cup

they must have been very stressed indeed

it was more a “i wonder how well made this is, reckon i can rip it in half? oh yep, i can” affair. he gave me a guitar pedal as compensation though so not all bad.

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