Workplace Experiment



That workplace reputation thread got me thinking.

What if some of us work in the same place without realising it?

So at 13:00 ODT today, everyone say the following out loud:

“Oh, Theo.”

If you overhear anyone doing that - or better yet, if you harmonise beautifully - then you’ll know.


someone just said The O G B on the other side of the office


Six minutes early by my count.

Call them a stupid cunt - if they hang out here they’ll understand.


Nobody in my office is here.


I like to whisper “the fat man walks alone” to test if someone new is cool at work. Never works.


I did this experiment whilst alone in my flat. Would have been a bit exciting (terrifying) if I’d heard something.


sorry, I missed this.

Can we do it again at 13:30?



I’ll join in again, just in case you work in my office.