Workplace Reputations

Are you seen as a hardball-playing, go-getting, rising executive?

Pretty much each time my boss has walked up to or past my desk this week I’ve been fucking about online.

It’s my appraisal tomorrow.

(A)pray(sal) for saps.


I honestly have no idea what my bosses think of me. Last appraisal they said “we don’t really know what you do all day but the feedback from the business is very positive, so… ok?”

It was very liberating to realise that I don’t actually care, either (as long as I’m not going to get fired, obvs).

You’ve basically found the perfect way to describe what my workplace reputation isn’t.

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Office banter decanter, obviously


Office stud

Got my appraisal tomorrow too. Can’t wait.

My boss seems to think I’m actually hard-working and positive and just put on a facade of being laid back and nonchalant.

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Dodgy bowels

Happiest man in town. If only they knew! I do laugh a lot though, hahaha…

i think my boss thinks im really great coz im a n00b to this dept but i know how to do loads of stuff coz ive been in the organisation for like 3 years. so even though ive only been in this dept for 3 months hes got me training newer new people and hes talking about a pay rise already. and here i am dicking about on the internet

this is sort of what i think my boss thinks as well. i think he thinks im a bit of a loose canon as well coz i like to wear skinny trousers and cardigans and go to gigs sometimes and get records delivered to the office, ooh edgy

think the combination of being slightly better than average at excel and being socially inept made people assume I had ‘strong technical skills’ when I didn’t really, but then it became a sort of self fulfilling prophesy as thats the kind of work that came my way. I think people probably think I am quite lazy, and I guess I am, I don’t put in the extra hours like most, or take on anything outside my core role (I feel justified as I find working exhausting and believe my laziness is the driver of innovation)

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whenever I am at work after 6 I make a point of going to the vending machines, all the senior people sit on that floor so it creates the impression I frequently work late, little do they know I get in at 10


Cave-dwelling, angry man. Thoroughly undeserved.

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at a former employer, around the time of the derek bird killing spree, my boss said he thought I was the one most likely snap, he later said it would really be another person in the office but he didn’t think he would be able to take the joke, pretty harsh I thought

i can use excel macros and outlook reminders so am widely regarded as a God.

Can’t reply properly on here though.


^ This

banter decanter!

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I would love to know what they all think of me. I think that there are two: friend and helpful, useless and depressed

I know I got a bad reputation
Walking round always mad reputation
Leave a pretty girl sad reputation
Start a Fight Club, Brad reputation