Workplace Reputations


Never really had a bad appraisal at work tbh. Every one I’ve had yielded similar comments - laid back, calm and does techy things that no one else understands (love google).


I once got an appraisal comment ‘your personality impacts other members of the team’ the world has little tolerance for quiet people


My reputation’s sky high here. Recently our Executive Group did an attitudes survey internally about which teams are perceived to be high performing and which are perceived to be failing. The team I manage came top out of our entire Directorate so… yeah basically untouchable.

This is mostly because everyone else is seethingly incompetent though not because I’m brilliant.


Used to be angry young man, but one who proved useful.

Then they figured I used excel to make my job 1000 times easier and now they treat me like I’m a sorceror oracle and have me doing ridiculously important things. Me and the only two people who know I’m an idiot regularly laugh about the ridiculousness of it.


I’m seen as very hardworking but probably a push over. Really rubbish at delegating.
I get really internally angry at people who doss about and don’t work hard but then I try to remember that you don’t have to break your back to do a good job.


it is so weird how little excel ability people have, my first job after uni I realised my rudimentary excel skills made people think I was some kind of computer hotshot, I assumed it would be temporary as younger people filtered through who would of done it a lot more at school it would just be standard, but all these years later the situation is exactly the same, a little bit of knowledge that can be googled in seconds seems to really impress people. I do a lot of stuff in tableau and its the same, people think it is really complicated but it is literally just drag and drop.


the what now


the derek bird killing spree



I have a similar experience. Moved from being in a really busy environment to a really quiet environment and the boss was amazed at how quickly I did things.

Slowed down a shit ton since then and would find it hard to go back, but my reputation is still there :stuck_out_tongue:


the derek bird killing spree


exactly this, except my previous role meant i had to know a little bit about loads of different things, so now i chip in stuff that my manager (whos been here for 10 years but in the same dept) has no idea about and hes like omg u so wise


Tableau is probably the sexiest thing in the world, and as you say, drag and drop.

Hah, also, I was in Cumbria at the time of the Derek Bird killings, FYI


One of the questions in our pub quiz on Sunday night was where did Derrick Bird do his murdering.

@andyvine would have been no help whatsoever. I wasn’t much use to be honest, I knew it was near Carlisle but that was it.


Always late, always eating at my desk, spell everyone’s name wrong in birthday cards. But I do have good annecdotes (I think) and always share my food


sorry to let you down, i was hoping @ttf was going to tell us a story about one of his colleagues (derek) killing lots of birds


I once tried to start the nickname “Big Dog” being used for me in the office but it only caught on with one person so it was just a bit wierd.


All very admirable qualities.


People love me on a professional basis and think I work super hard and do well.

But personally, they think i’m a depressed, miserable cow. I’m not but they like to pretend anything I say is me being depressing.
Also someone keeps saying i’m a hipster. I’m very much not a hipster.


silver fox