workplace watercoolers

  • change it everytime, and complain to myself
  • change it mostly, don’t complain
  • don’t change it anymore because I’m sick of doing it
  • don’t change it, someone else will

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I’m doing a study about the correlation between changing the water cylinder on the cooler and complaining that you’re always the one who does it



They’re all connected to a water inlet these days.

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I just use the cold water button on the big metal tap thing.

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Yeah, same.

Quite miss the big bottle things and flipping them upside-down to connect to the cooler though. Then standing by it and chatting about Breaking Bad or whatever.

When we used to have a water cooler with a barrel, I used to change it most of the time, and would only complain when other people did it because they’d inevitably forget to take the little sticker off the lid, despite being reminded on a regular basis.

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This seems like an ideal time and year for this sort of discussion. Unfortunately my workplace has a water cooling tap rather than one with a barrel.


I’m bad for not changing it tbh

do you just mean a cold tap or does this cool it cooler than a normal cold tap?

we just have taps, normal limey coldish water comes out

It comes out cooler than a normal cold tap but also it can give you boiling water as well if you want some

Old office had this

New office has one of the tap button ones

I do want some, I will send a tea bag over.

Living in the actual future there Ants

I don’t think it comes out colder than a cold tap, I think it comes out as cold as it would on a cold tap when the cold tap is at its coldest point.

Once again, I wonder how it is you get through life with your mind so crumbled and broken.


what’s cooler than being cool? ANT’S TAP

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You can get sparkling water dispensers for those office tap things. Imagine that.

I dream of such a thing, absolutely dream of them

hi guys

ours all look like this

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We have this. Absolutely hate sparkling water and think it should be banned. They have addressed my concerns by not letting me back into the office for five months.

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hi guys

im back with an exciting update - its actually this exact one