Workshop me a witty dating app intro - Macca washing up related joke

Someone’s hinge profile has a comment that they once did the washing up with Paul McCartney and he dried

As a big Beatles fan I can’t resist the chance to find out more so I need a good opening message. There has got to be a good Beatles washing/ drying up song title type joke I can use

Suggestions below please

There’s a video where he makes mashed potatos and he talks to his gloved hand, maybe ask if she was Glovy in the video?

Far too tenuous for an opener. I need a gag so I sound clever!

Paul is dead (tired of washing up)


Ah fine, ask if he was a good washer upper or did all the suds go here there and everywhere or something

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Good, although a high chance of it going whoosh if she is not aware of this bit of Beatles lore

This is strong

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Need @anon19035908 to come out of retirement for this really

:musical_note: Paul McCartney
Drying the plates as they’re rinsed of their leftover food
You were there too :musical_note:


Ask her whether he was polite in asking or dud he just shout Help!

Lennon sang help. Denied!

Tough to please you!

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Hey Paul what are you doing?

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na


I went with @drspaceman ‘a entry. I’ll let you know if it succeeds and gets a response

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All the dirty dishes
Where dooo they all belong



Too late, it’s done :grinning:

Doesn’t need workshopping, just wing it


“RIJ?” (“Rock It, Jamesy?”)

should have waited mate

sometimes youve just got to live and let dry.