World Athletic Championships London 2017


Well done Bowie.

Always dip on the line it seems.


Having seen them in the flesh yesterday, I’m going to order one of these. So gorgeous:


I’d love to have a pint with Michael Johnson. Seems like a good guy.


Imagine being constantly reminded of a past drug addiction on live television.


That’s a lovely design. But it’s also £62. :face_with_monocle:




They were giving away 20% off vouchers at the asics tent yesterday, so it’s actually a complete bargain…


Also the running vest (if you wear that kind of thing), is a fair bit cheaper.


:smiley: .


bbc ‘debate’ then on semenya was pretty fucking disgusting

michael johnson the only one not spouting insulting rubbish


h8 paula radcliffe


the middle distance events are the best ones aren’t they
well excited for this


I’m hoping Muir plays it safe and gets a medal. I’d hate to see her mess up and finish 4th.


It was awful to listen to. As someone who doesn’t know the details,I don’t get why having naturally higher testosterone is seen as such a big problem. Surely it’s a natural advantage, in the same way having longer legs or more fast twitch fibres can be?



as someone who can’t run for shit, using the argument ‘it’s not fair, she was born genetically stronger than me’, wrt athletics (!!!) ffs, how stupid are they.


Thanks, i didn’t realise that it was ever confirmed that she is intersex. It certainly is a very difficult debate, and I can see why Johnson was saying there isn’t really any obvious solutions.


Slow race, caster might blow this apart


Hopefully, will piss off the BBC people


What a final 200m!!!