World Athletic Championships London 2017


Embarrassing commentary here


What a race


This is another debate where I can confidently say, fuck Seb Coe. His pre-Olympic statements were disgraceful.


“Simpson was lucky. Semenya was lucky. Muir was unlucky”. Fuck off!!!


Well, Simpson was pretty fortunate that Hassan left that gap on the inside - 9 times out of 10, that wouldn’t have happened.

Without that gap, Simpson has to go the long way around, across Semenya.


Totally get this, but this isn’t what Foster was on about. He’s having a moan that Muir didn’t medal.


I think you’ve taken that out of context a little - he was pretty scathing about Muir’s tactics overall.


He’s not overly scathing about her tactics. He has a problem with her second lap (but they all ran a poor second lap), but to say that she was unlucky and the bronze and silver medalists were lucky is harsh on both of those ladies. Yes, they have British interests at heart, but the fawning and writhing over Muir finishing 4th isnt on really. No interviews with the 3 medalists either and barely a mention of them after the race.

Probably just sit on Simpson’s heels at 600m to go next race.


Thanks for posting. It’s extremely irritating that informed views like this do not come across in the mainstream coverage. Similarly with the Gatlin debate the other night, there was a lot of hand-wringing and saying that they should have provided a more fair, balanced analysis, but then they didn’t provide any additional information to help people understand the issue in a more nuanced way.


The guy is such a moderating voice amongst what is often a load of populist and often quasi-jingoistic guff from the BBC Athletics team. Absolutely got so much love for him.


And it’s fun watching his barely disguised contempt for everyone/everything around him at times. He’s like a more fun version of pundit Roy Keane.


Everyone is more fun than Roy Keane.


triple jump final was a right old ding dong yesterday.

went a baked potato chain in westfield. meal deal of chana dhal inside potato with garlic bread and drink, weird combo. tasty and cheap, though.


My view tonight. Should be fun. (Aisle seats too!)


cracking view you’ve got there!


Yeah. An amazing view down the back straight. Looking forward to the 400m and 800m finals.


Good view of the Pole Vault too

Give a cheer for Mondo Duplantis



That Botswanan fella just laid into the IAAF in the Beeb there. What a mess.


Brilliant view of the pole vault. Having a great time.