World Athletic Championships London 2017


I think Kurtis M-whatever it was, that last Ozzie poll vaulter is my new absolute fave. What a babe!


here for all the athletes with glasses


USA pole vaulter Sam Kendricks seems to have quite a lot of pole to vault. Think I’ve found my new second-favourite sport.


I think we can all agree that Seb Coe is to blame.


Proper shitshow this - literally and figuratively


fuck me, anyone watching the absolute grilling of this athletics bureaucrat?


Yeah. I honestly don’t see what the fuss is? Surely the IAAF are just trying to prevent the spread of the virus?

I get that it’s horrible that he’s missed out, but they’re trying to protect other athletes health and ability to perform, right?

If Athletes are willing to put their own health, and the health of other athletes at risk then they’re a bit of a prick.

“He felt alright” doesn’t mean he isnt ill FFS.


Handling it like a proper grade 19 bureaucrat though tbf to her




why are they doing this?


why aren’t they interviewing actual medal winners instead?


its so, so bizarre :smiley:


Paula Radcliffe talks so much guff, surprised big mike Johnson hasnt @-ed her


Haven’t been watching/paying too much attention, but sounds like it’s a communications fuck up as much as anything else.


She’s always been a fucking mug.

If he tests positive the IAAF giving it the “I told you so”, isn’t exactly going to make him feel any better.


It’s the same at my work - if you ring in to work with the shits, you aren’t allowed back until you’ve been fine for 48-hours. I’m sure this is made clear in his Professional Athlete employee handbook…


Sounded like she wanted them to write him a note saying

Diagnosis: u officially got the shits, soz m8

which being in ‘black and white’ would make him say “fair play, ill not race” for… reasons…


Her comment earlier about how he’s not going to run into anyone else’s lane so it will be fine is the most baffling bit of anti-sense I’ve heard in a long time



Missed that. Its almost so stupid, its genius. Actually wait, no its still really stupid.


It’s more that they decided it’s a communication issue after the woman from the IAAF made a perfectly reasonable argument for taking him out as a precautionary measure (repeatedly).

They spent the entire interview trying to find an angle to make the IAAF seem like the bad guy and failed.


It should be far easier than its proving to make a joke based on him being a runner who couldn’t run because he had the runs.

Also street shitter Radcliffe is clearly no hygiene expert