World Athletic Championships London 2017


No I mean - if the IAAF had put out a statement earlier today that was clear what they’d decided and why, this whole fuss could have been avoided - or at least the onus would publicly have been on Makwala to not attend, rather than the IAAF to explain what’s happening.

I mean this - - is relatively accurate (although it implies he was withdrawn yesterday, which isn’t true), but it’s gone up a bit late - attempt to close the sable door after the horse has bolted.

On its own, not really a massive issue (probably the right decision, even if a bit awkward), but given other issues the IAAF are facing at the moment, it just plays into the narrative of Athletics’ governing body being behind the game at the moment.


But, it just seems a little harsh to blame the IAAF for not forseeing him kicking up a fuss and trying to race anyway.

Maybe they just assumed he’d take the decision like an adult and not potentially endanger his fellow athletes chances of competing… maybe the IAAF are just shit. Probably both.


sounds like I missed all sorts of TV based fun by being at the stadium instead tonight. my view was somewhat further away but still enjoyed it all, pole vault was fun, big fan of Bosse bossing the 800m and the British guy putting in a good performance to come 4th. Had food beforehand too so didn’t get stitched up by that either, result.


From what the IAAF person was saying last night, it sounds like they did speak to the team manager in person yesterday about the situation, but that this was not fed back to the athlete or team doctor.


Also, the IAAF are not releasing statements for every athlete - they are telling the teams directly and have/had agreed that the teams would take it from there.


BBC poll.

Bin off…?

  • Gabby Logan
  • Michael Johnson
  • Brendan Foster
  • Steve Cram
  • Steve Backley
  • Paula Radcliffe
  • Denise Lewis
  • Phil Jones
  • Andrew Cotter

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Leave Denise Lewis ALONE! :heart_eyes:


Yep, perfectly happy to bin off the BBC.


Alright Murdoch


(Different spelling. Whatever.)


Found him. Oh golly gosh.


still fancy her, but, y’know, she’s not a good pundit. Doesn’t get noticed so much cos Paula’s so much worse


Oh! I forgot Colin Jackson

  • Bin off
  • Future knight of the realm

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You forgot Toni Minichiello too - but him and Backley have been brilliant together, so no one would vote to bin him off.


who’s the guy who does the interviews outside the stadium? he gives me the heebie-jeebies for some reason.


Boo to all those who don’t like Brendan Foster!


Mummy films were proper mince though.


Reluctant ^This.


Is that Ore? just a complete waste of time. Adds nothing to coverage imo


In long jump they could scrap the foul line altogether and measure from where the front of thre standing foot leaves off from, no?