World Athletic Championships London 2017


The water jump in the steeple chase doesn’t do much in this weather :joy:


They should swap it out for a sandpit when it’s raining


why do the middle-long distance runners even bother trying to finish the race when they’re so far behind medals/qualification? does the prize money go down relating to where you finish?


‘just came to a bit of a stop there’ - as she falls in the deep end :joy:





got a lot of fucking time for this swarthy french stereotype being interviewed rn.


Farah is easily the greatest British sportsman ever, isn’t he. Miles ahead of everyone else in terms of ability/likability.


Only till he stops winning/fails a drugs test. At that point he’ll become Somali again.

(and yes, he’s very likable - something I think a good chunk of British athletes have in common)


Grand groupe d’hommes.


Tougher race than it needed to be I think. Too slow, too many guys in contention


fucking Mo <3


*pretending to be a horse race


Really like Andy Murray tbf. Boardman has always seemed pretty sound too


Really love this hedgehog mascot :grinning:


Cool how van Niekerk is coached by the nana from the shreddies advert




Omar McLeod :heart_eyes:


Loving that Norwegian kit


Is Johnson wearing a zip up cardi under a suit jacket? I mean, the man is awesome and has earned the right to do this show in a football mascot uniform if the mood so takes him, but it’s a bit of a weird combo.


I think it maybe a fleece :joy: