World Athletic Championships London 2017


Weeeird seeing a 400m final with no Ohuruogu or Richards Ross





She doesn’t even look that upset.




Was watching the BBC coverage of this over the last couple of nights and the team
GB bias was just nauseating

Then I was thinking that it’s not really any more biased than the Swedish coverage so why was it irking me so much?

Then I realised…because it’s in London the BBC coverage seems rather mean and colloquial rather than the open-armed, generous host it ought to be

Just an observation


I was thinking more along the lines of one/all of The Golden Girls.


Disappointed there wasn’t more coverage of Mr Motivator’s surprise return to public life in the 400m hurdles last night.


The whole England/GB cheerleading coverage of any sport irritates me - from Sky F1/BBC/Channel 4 fawning over Lewis Hamilton, to every minute of a major football tournament being framed from the perspective of “our boys” and yes - the GB bias in athletics.

That said, I’ll bet hardly any country covers a home hosted championship particularly differently. I don’t think it appearing “mean and colloquial” just because it’s at home is a particularly fair stick to beat the BBC with.


Yeah, I was thinking this. When you have sports competing as NATIONAL TEAMS I kind of think this is inevitable. There will always be a focus on British sports people from British based broadcasters for any sport (with the situation the same in any other country), but it’s ramped up massively when they are wearing an England/British vest/shirt/whatever

I find it far more irksome when, for instance, Sky/BBC/BT whoever expect us to get behind a football team in European competition because they’re ENGLISH.


Expecting a person to care about Lewis Hamilton’s success ought to be the definition of “unreasonable” in the dictionary.


ha, someone I sort of know (we were friends as kids but lost touch) is running in the women’s 800m heats.

and I’m sat here in my pants.


yeahhh fourth :ok_hand: :rofl:


I went to junior school with a girl who twenty years later I saw on the local news as the “National Aerobics Champion”.

Always doing cartwheels she was.


A sort of anti-example of this - fella I work with raced against yer man Usain Bolt at the world youth championships about 15 years back and now he drives a truck for a living.

He still holds the British record for 200m and second fastest 100m for under-16s though which is pretty damn impressive.


A lot of argy bargy involved in these middle and long distance races


Who’d be faster? Mulligan or O’Hare?


Well done, Dina Asher-Smith. Brilliant stuff.


I’ll kill myself if the Authorized Neutral Athletes don’t win a gold :frowning:


Which anthem is played? Some IAAF tune or Beethoven’s 9th?


champions league music