World Athletic Championships London 2017


I’d prefer the Benny Hill theme tune or Deliverance banjo music.


Turkey’s first ever gold at the worlds. Great race that


And then he puts an Azerbijan flag on.


I like this Tony Limoncello fella


Anyone know if it’s possible to resell tickets or are they ID’d?


Apparently in the US Olympic coverage they just don’t show any events that don’t have a US medal hope. And film the time between with replays and interviews of US athletes


I’m all smug now because I correctly called the 200m winner last night. I kinda think Bolt should have gone for the 200 rather than the 100, it was very open and he’d have probably walked it over the home straight. I think he was unjustifiably scared of being beaten by Van Niekerk.

Bit of a shame Mitchell-Blake recorded yet another fourth place, but a great race to watch. Also feels right that Makwala didn’t give the media the fairy-tale ending they wanted in the end.

Looking forward to the women’s 200. Sadly I can see Asher-Smith finishing fourth also, but you never know. She looks really strong now.


They’re just barcodes. They’re not ID’d. You can resell without the person needing the lead bookee etc.


Going tonight and looking forward to it.


lead booker*


agh my dad’s saved his in a folder on his email at home and we’re not at home and can’t access it with the webmail :frowning:


My tickets were physical tickets with a barcode. My para athletics tickets were email tickets. Are you able to download tickets via your London 2017 account?


Yeah, I suppose

It’s just that some events that have no British involvement barely get any hype/coverage - especially field events and as soon as the Brit goes out/loses hope of a medal place the rest of the event seems to dwindle in its significance

It’s not quite as bad as the US coverage @Aggpass mentioned a couple of posts above but it isn’t a world away

I think also, like in the football, an over reliance on former competitors on the punditry/commentry team makes it all a bit too back slappy too

I mean, it’s not really that bad but the bits that are bad are soooooo cringey


managed to log in but yeah it’s physical tickets only I’m guessing and it’s too late to put them for resale


why don’t you ask people on twitter for their favourite PJ Harvey song


Latsiskene (sp?) in the women’s high jump is nailed on for this


I don’t think they even show live coverage, if you’re in the US you watch the recorded and edited US-version, it’s completely nuts.


Yeah - they save all the blue ribband stuff for prime time - even stretching to showing stuff to the West Coast three hours after the East Coast have see it.

“Here’s something that happened 8 hours ago and you probably already read all about on the internet, so no longer have much interest in.”


Think I’m more inclined to root for British t&f athletes than those of other sports. partly cos they’re a good bunch and partly cos of having watched UK trials and stuff in the past. still find the BBC coverage pretty annoying though. eurosport is much more clear eyed and actually show much more athletics instead of all the studio chat


When I first read this post I misread the author as @rich-t and assumed he’d picked the winner based on the athlete most likely to have taken the most drugs.