World Athletic Championships London 2017


Thats what I normally do. Just like predicting bike races :wink:


If I had to pick the athlete most likely to have taken the most drugs out of a line-up then I probably would have picked Giuliev to be fair - but my rationale was based on a good Diamond League season and consistency in the qualifying rounds. Nice that both methods work :slight_smile:


I’ve a spare ticket for tonight. Lower tier on the top bend. PM me if interested.


I’m settled in for the evening.Uploading…


so much variety isn’t there


christina manning seems good
lipstick and the gesture she did when she won. coolest member of the US hurdling roster


ha ha jog on lynsey sharp


Hell of an anthem that #turkeybijan


Great race that Women’s Steeplechase, including a runner missing the water jump and a fall within 200m.


She tripped up at least two others too.

Great finish to that race.


I really hope Asher-Smith gets a medal. Tough ask after her injury though.


Schippers :heart_eyes:


I was at the 200m women’s heats. Schippers is formidable. Well run Asher-Smith.


Asher-Smith sounds like a really nice and optimistic athlete. I’m a grumpy bastard so well done.


Too right. What a lovely person.


Team GB are NAILING the 4ths


The most consistent 4th placers in the championships. I’m sure the BBC will be plugging that hard over this weekend.


I also enjoyed the long-jumper with the thighs like a traction engine.

Nick Miller
Nick Miller
Nick Miller
Oh he’s thrown it in the net again.


But she was clearly fourth place at best before they even started. The top three had steam coming out of their noses on the blocks. There always has to be a place in an athletics final for a shortarse who just flatlines it from the gun.


Football is back now, you can stop jumping into sandpits.