World Athletic Championships London 2017


Anyone know what’s actually happening with the 4x400 men’s team. Matt Hudson Smith not running and Martyn Rooney throwing him under the bus in that interview. the lad has Aspergers so kind of worried for him on a personal level


She’s only 5’4" but can high jump 6’6"


Womens high jump is wide open below Lasitskene


KJT could easily be a medallist for the high jump if she just focused on that.




she’s proper elegant


Yeah. Really enjoying how bored she looks by it all


Rooney’s always seemed like a bit of a prick to me though. Always get the impression he’d throw his own firstborn under a bus if it would win him a medal.


he wears shit sunnies = prick


Good symmetry in Mo’s career world titles there. starting with a silver in the 10000m and ending with a silver in the 5000 :ok_hand:


That last lap was amazing. Unlucky Mo but no shame bowing out like that, what an effort.


always found him good value in interviews, comes across badly here though yeah




Love Toni Minichiello!




Is there anything more boring than a javelin competition?


Big fan of Limoncello’s use of the word “shorts” rather than “arse” to describe failure in the high jump.

KJT looks just like my cousin.


I saw the women’s javelin final and thought it was good stuff.

would rather be watching the last round of the men’s javelin final than the same Bolt montage.


Ok, so to improve an athletics competition, what 3 events would you remove, and 3 that you would add?

Throwing events are boring but are mainly there to give you something to watch while other stuff is sorted

400m hurdles can go
Steeplechase can go
Walking can fuck right off

So instead, I’d go for:

  • A 20 person elimination race. Say 10 warm up laps and then another 19 for the elimination each lap of the runner in last
  • A medley relay with 100, 200, 400 and 800m legs
  • A legends 100m (over 40s). See who’s legitimately rapid now that the drugs have worn off


Rubbing it in much???