World Athletic Championships London 2017


400m hurdles is one of the best ones!
Sack off the hammer


Did make me laugh when our guy couldn’t even get the hammer out of the cage. FFS


Bin -

Triple jump
One of the decathlon/pentathlons


Add -

I like the elimination thing
Cross country run
Combination event - like 100 m sprint followed by a high jump over a certain height and then javelin throw to a certain distance. First one to finish wins. Bit like ninja warrior



Shot Putt
100m (make it a doped only event. Let’s get under 9 secs). Not serious,


Yeah a sprint hepthalon/combination type thing would be cool


Isn’t pentathlon one of the daft ones with fencing, show jumping, pistol shooting and all that?


I dunno but the I don’t like the format of any multi events apart from my idea above and I think they should be binned off.


Men do decathlon, women do heptathlon. Modern pentathlon is a stupid event in the Olympics but isn’t related to track and field.


Surely GB gets disqualified there for running in Germany’s lane on the last changeover??


Even the Biathlon?
Cross country skiing and shooting - What more could you want from a sporting event?


YES an ana gold! Such a proud moment😭


I called it upthread

Should have played the Gazprom theme


That hedgehog has been brilliant


Plenty. The Javelin’s a great event, but the coverage now is shit, as there isn’t a British challenger.

When Backley was winning medals / diamond leagues competing with Zelezny and Makarov, or Fatima Whitbread was getting close, it actually got some proper focused coverage, showing how dramatic it is as an event.


Those meets, worlds and Olympics with Backley and Zelezny trading WRs were great to watch. A staple of my childhood.


Would be brilliant if Bolt became a mascot after retiring, I could watch that all day.


Turkish team being lead out by an economics PhD student


Not 100% on the rules for the relays, but I believe as with the non-relay events that are run lanes, it’s okay to stray into the outside lane on a bend so long as you don’t impede the runners who were drawn in there. What’s not okay under any circumstances is straying into the inside lane.


Fucking unbelievable