World Athletic Championships London 2017




Bolt down. Great race that.


It’s 2004 all over again!


Fuck yeah!


Well done GB, fucking great race.




What a bloody run


I heard the women’s relay team might be disqualified?


Strong chance


3rd fastest ever. that’s crazy. that run and all the change overs were perfect


Nailed every single one.

European sprinting is an irrelevance in the individual events, so that’s an awesome achievement.


Holy shit.


She went into the German’s lane, the Germans came 4th

If I were in the German 4x100m team I’d be celebrating my bronze right now


Great race

Poor old Bolt

Should have quit after Rio


Friday nights / championships watching Christie, Jackson & Jarrett, Edwards, Gunnell, Radcliffe, Steve Smith, Backley, Black, Tessa Sanderson.


Oh and Sonia O’Sullivan and Liz McColgan.


Poor Roger Black


So you’re saying you got off on Radcliffe during the wobbly-head getting trounced on the final lap years??


I’m going to say it again: javelin competitiions are fucking boring, even when Steve Backley was playing.

With the putters, the discus wankers and the hammerers you can at least admire how roided up they all are. With the javelin the interest is purely in who has the most lame-arsed runup.


with all of those sports, I love seeing the world record line so far ahead of any of the attempts. all set, perfectly above board, in the 80s by soviet bloc countries.