World Athletic Championships London 2017


(Probably for another thread, but…) For quite a while I conflated Steve Backley and CBBC wildlife presenter Steve Backshall. I thought for a good while that he’d simply found a new career telling kids about snakes and spiders after binning the stick throwing off.


Kind of glad they changed the javelins in the 90s and reset all the records. In the 80s one East German guy threw 104m!


That was because of the type of javelin though and not extra curricular activities


I know, it’s just a happy by-product


Uwe Hohn chucked a javelin 104.80 before the redesign and WR changes. 104.80!


Despite that, he failed to achieve his one true dream of throwing a kettle over a pub


Not many people in the world that can though


Now there’s an athletics event I can get behind, it’d even work in a City Games setting!


Sounds like something from one of those button-bashing track and field games back in the day.


I used to get over 120m on the javelin in Daley Thompson’s Decathlon.


That was fun!


Great session to bag tickets for.




Anyone watching the walks this morning? Thought not.


state of the walking. the winner was able to tie a flag around his neck before finishing ffs.


Barshim is absolutely incredible in the high jump


The Russian/ANA looks good too.


Hudson-Smith back in the team :slightly_smiling_face:
cmon lads


Semenya :heart:
really hope she breaks that world record at some point


What ‘events’ were people good at on field day, then?

800m and all throwing categories for me. The shit events.