👟 World Athletics Championships 2023 👟

Starts today in Budapest! First session delayed due to torrential rain!


Cram and Radcliffe having to talk about a non-binary athlete earlier was painful :grimacing:

hope Noor Vidts gets a medal in the heptathlon, she keeps coming 4th and 5th in major champs

Lame dance remixes playing during the races. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Just nearly made this thread, good job I checked

Men’s 1500s about to start

There’s gonna be no outside sport events left in 20 years are there

shyguy’s representing Norway in the 1500

That Swiss lad’s hair is unbelievable

Fucking hell how quick is that little Jamaican in the 100


Omg the end of the women’s 10,000

Gutting for Hassan that

What the hell was Hassan doing there?

I think she got clipped. I think she was impeding her though as well.

Nah, she was elbowing Tsegay in the chest & then just panicked & lost her rhythm & focused and tanked it 15 metres from the line

Shocking stuff

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Crouser looks like a fun lad. Huge final throw

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Saying she was pushed

Hassan’s saying she got pushed now

I couldn’t see it, but they’re moving at such speeds. That replay doesn’t look like a push though

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I’d say the same, nothing to lose from lodging a complaint but it isn’t gonna stick, absolutely no push there. She lost it. Just brainfart stuff

I’ve now decided that she decked it deliberately because she couldn’t be arsed finishing second