World Bee Day


Happy World Bee Day everyone.

Proper good 'uns aren’t they.

You can get a bee saver kit here and by makong a donation.

All bee chat/pics/etc. welcome




Also there’s a bee count app


I should have said No Arrested Development jokes.



obsessed with bees tbqh







Bee Here Now


never been stung


Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz :honeybee:


Prefer wasps



:rage: :honeybee:


My brother keeps bees. He turned up at the hive one day and the queen had fucked off and taken most of them with her. He tried to make the stragglers elect a new queen somehow but they weren’t having it so he had to order a new one in the mail.


I don’t think bees are very into democracy tbh


Does every animal get their own day?


As I recall, the queen had her own berth and was sort of trapped there, but he went on holiday and got a friend to look in past to check they were OK, and she thought it was cruel and left the window open, and the queen just left. He wasn’t best pleased, they’re not easy to come by apparently


Bee socks