World Buffets

Bit of Thai, Italian, Chinese, that kind of thing.

Not a bad idea really, can get some tasty things though I’m not really a fan of buffets in general.

Anyway I went to one the other week and saw a guy with a couple of slices of pizza on his plate and some spring rolls. Nothing wrong with that really until he put a yorkshire pudding on top and some roast beef and then poured gravy over the whole lot. There’s a lot wrong with that.

Warren. His conservative economic investments aren’t a good model for what the markets need.


I have never not been underwhelmed by one

A shortened attention span means people can’t be arsed to chew anymore.

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I hear you bro.

Went once. There was a roast duck thing that was really good. Everything else I tried was underwhelming

Word buffet is what I call the dictionary.

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Never been. Bit worried I’ll actually enjoy it and become addicted

That is wrong
He should’ve put the Yorkshire pudding on first and used it as a sort of bowl.

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Yeah, that’s just not on is it?

Those places are usually a bit terrible in any case, although I have been to one that I would rate as ‘decent’.

Looking forward to going here in a few weeks though…

Before ‘Red Hot’ in Northampton got ironically burned down, they used to do these weird little chicken sausages. They were spicy and delicious. I’d just load up on them, sometimes putting them on a pizza. Fuck the rest.

Went to Cuba ages ago, to one of the big hotels in the north. They had a massive breakfast buffet - cold meat and cheese (decent), pastries (average), fry-ups (decent).

The best combo I found was pancakes and maple syrup with egg fried rice. Surprisingly tasty, and a great way to start your day!

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I’ve been to International Food Evenings before - where people bring food from their own countries and you share what everyone else has brought. They’re pretty fun. Not sure about the idea of a World Buffet all-you-can-eat restaurant. No logical reason though.

Rates of food poisoning at these places are ridiculously high.

Not for me, Clive.
Normally in the mood for a certain type of food when I go out for dinner, and it’s obviously gunna be better at a specialised place than a world buffet.
No problem with them existing, though I can imagine getting strongly irked seeing some of the heinous mixes on people’s plates if I ever went.

Was tempted to call them cultural appropriation in an attempt to prompt beeves but cba

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The only way you can go wrong with rodizo is trying to eat through the meat sweats.

^knows. A tactical cigarette break after about half an hour normally maximises consumption potential



Noted. Thanks for the words of advice

Spoon in Chatham :ok_hand:

Za Za Bazaar in Bristol looks like it would likely be hell on Earth.