World Chess Championship


Same when drunk. Bleed rating points!


Bled some rating points yesterday, but finished off with a pretty solid win against an aggressive opponent. Would usually crack so happy about that. 1600 soon!


Over 1600! Fun times

A few games this morning, a loss sandwiched between two or three wins. This one was cool


The London Chess Classic has been going on this week if you still want your chess fix.


Oooft - tanked my rating recently but this was fun


I love how it got to that stage without an earlier black resignation.


Pretty sure they were drunk…


“I’m only 31 points down on material. I reckon I can turn it around from here.”


Happy with this one

Happy to be beating the 1700s the odd time, when I’m playing sober and with attention I should be getting at the rating (and hopefully further after that)


Had an absolute shocker yesterday evening. Playing someone with a really low rating, they gave away a bishop early, and I just switched off assuming it was a formality. Didn’t count an exchange properly and ended up a rook down. Then blundered away my queen going for a quick win. Resigned out of embarrassment.


World Rapid and Blitz Champs going on at the moment. Great fun. Magnus is getting an absolute shoeing. Lost four games already including one yesterday to some random 17-year-old Uzbek IM