World Cup! 2018 - Day Two


!! WORLD CUP :soccer: !!
1pm EGYPT :egypt: v :uruguay: URUGUAY BBC A
4pm MOROCCO :morocco: v :iran: IRAN ITV B
7pm PORTUGAL :portugal: v :es: SPAIN BBC B

Let the Football Commence!

i cannot find the emoji for SPAIN. EDIT : thanks 29


“es” :es:



I can sit and watch daytime, weekday football with a beer while everyone else is at work! World Cup!

Someone at work is away on his mates stag do in Lisbon at the moment. Obviously they are making the stag wear a Spain shirt tonight. Top stuff.



This is the real start of the tournament. More pumped for Egypt vs. Uruguay than Portugal vs. Spain, strangely. Even going to watch Morocco vs. Iran.

Lets see if we can improve on the 5 goal a game average.


Egypt 3 - 4 Uruguay
Iran 3 - 3 Morocco
Portugal 2 - 3 Spain


Going to the pub to watch the Portugal Spain game, until the other day thought Spain would walk it, this manager change is gonna mess with their heads a bit surely?

I finish work early today so will watch the other games at home.





don’t think it will tbh.
team hasn’t changed all that much, tactics will be the same, its just the one guy that’s gone so the coaching staff etc will all be the same :man_shrugging: DDG isn’t gonna start letting goals in and theyre aren’t just gonna give possession away all of a sudden are they

  • URU
  • EGY
  • DRAW

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  • MOR
  • IRN
  • DRAW

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  • POR
  • ESP
  • DRAW

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Can’t believe I’m in work for Uruguay vs. Egypt. Fingers crossed my data plan allows me to stream it on my phone.


Sit down to a nice day working from home and my laptop has just fucking died.

Got to go into the office now. Fml





  • Watch all the WORLD CUP!
  • Play Football Manager 2013 (hi @Antpocalypsenow!)
  • Chat shit on here
  • Think that’s it!

What a day, what a day.


Got a sodding gig tonight…


I’ve cunningly managed to plan today so that I’m on a train for the first two matches. Genius.

Not many people fancying Portugal today then? I hope that’s reflected in the odds…

(This coming from the man who bet on Saudi Arabia and advised his mate against voting on >2.5 goals as “I don’t think there’s many goals in this”…)


Got a rehearsal. Terrible state of affairs.


Same here. Should be able to watch at least the first half of the game in a pub though.


Will see if I can get it streaming on my phone from the Southbank Centre’s wifi…


I’m out for dinner tonight but it’s at a friends house. Is it out of order if I ask them to stick the telly on?

  • Not out of order because it’s the shitting World Cup m9
  • Out of order, enjoy your dinner with lovely m9s, watch the highlights l8er

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