World Cup 2018 DiSer Draw


It’s the World Cup in just over two weeks. Are we getting involved or not?

Thinking we assign all 31 teams (bar England) to people. I want squad insights, news from the camps, photos of people in second-hand replica shirts if they can find them, formations, predictions, food and beer-related stuff by country where possible, player penpics, and plenty of friendly rivalry.

If you can be arsed say yes in the poll and i’ll do a draw. Just a bit of fun, eh. If we don’t get enough interested parties we’ll split the teams between us. Any more (hopeful admittedly) and people can pair up.

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Friday Evening Thread

please can have Iran thx




Course, man.

Any other team requests just post below.


Iceland, ta! I was there on holiday 2 weeks ago, so I think I’m a pretty reasonable authority on them.


Just draw my team out of a Russian hat please - I see myself as a global citizen anyway.


Braaaaaaazzziiiiillll please


I’ve got two Peruvian friends and a few others with Peruvian family, so can I be Senegal?

I mean Peru, can I be Peru?


unfortunately, our main guy Paolo Guerrero failed in getting the ban overturned. how will Peru fare without him? I don’t know yet, but I’ll look into it.


I wanted Peru!

Failing that, I have Panama please.


got some half buried memory that there’s a guy on here whose family are Iranian. if that guy turns up he can have Iran obviously.


Panama’s a fine choice. being in England’s group also guarantees a famous upset.


Can I have Columbia please :heart_eyes:


Deutschland bitte


Are we choosing at random or what?


I was going to do a random draw initially, but it makes sense for those with a link to any country, no matter how vague really, even if they’ve just got the shirt or been there, etc, if it piques their interest i guess, but i’ll just go with the crowd.


Nigeria please


Probably be better if it’s random. Some beeve potential in someone doing a bad job on a team someone else likes


I’d prefer random as it feels a bit better doing it that way


Aye. Way I see it as an extra team to support and post about, for a bit of fun. If you’re already half Panamanian, you’ll be supporting that team anyway, no need to claim it