World Cup 2018 DiSer Draw

It’s the World Cup in just over two weeks. Are we getting involved or not?

Thinking we assign all 31 teams (bar England) to people. I want squad insights, news from the camps, photos of people in second-hand replica shirts if they can find them, formations, predictions, food and beer-related stuff by country where possible, player penpics, and plenty of friendly rivalry.

If you can be arsed say yes in the poll and i’ll do a draw. Just a bit of fun, eh. If we don’t get enough interested parties we’ll split the teams between us. Any more (hopeful admittedly) and people can pair up.

  • Count me peter INdlovu
  • I actually vote for the Conservative party

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Course, man.

Any other team requests just post below.

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Iceland, ta! I was there on holiday 2 weeks ago, so I think I’m a pretty reasonable authority on them.

Just draw my team out of a Russian hat please - I see myself as a global citizen anyway.

Braaaaaaazzziiiiillll please

I wanted Peru!

Failing that, I have Panama please.

Deutschland bitte

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Are we choosing at random or what?

I was going to do a random draw initially, but it makes sense for those with a link to any country, no matter how vague really, even if they’ve just got the shirt or been there, etc, if it piques their interest i guess, but i’ll just go with the crowd.

Nigeria please

Probably be better if it’s random. Some beeve potential in someone doing a bad job on a team someone else likes


I’d prefer random as it feels a bit better doing it that way


Aye. Way I see it as an extra team to support and post about, for a bit of fun. If you’re already half Panamanian, you’ll be supporting that team anyway, no need to claim it


Also I’m looking forward to hearing people’s spurious links to the country they were drawn at random #Croatianmates2018

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i’ll take Spain?


The horse is Spain


Okay. We’ll say the end of May’s the cutoff so the office worker crew get dabs on teams as well. I’ll announce teams on the 1st June.

Just to make things as democratic as possible…

  • Random teams
  • Let people pick if they want, random draw for the rest
  • Let everyone pick their own team

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