WORLD CUP! day 27 - semi finals part 1

:fr: FRANCE v BELGIUM :belgium:

7pm, BBC

  • :fr: France
  • :belgium: Belgium

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will win in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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Want Henry to give it the big one celebrating, whoever wins



Podcasts and articles I’ve seen have basically said he actually had a good game on Saturday, and people who disagree either don’t understand football or have been influenced by the racist press vendetta.

Must admit, I thought he was poor and really wasteful - what do you think?

He had a good game and people who disagree don’t understand football or have been influenced by the racist press vendetta.

Obvs the missed chances are annoying but he stretched the game for us brilliantly and pulled the defense around in a way that nobody else we’ve got can do. Probably our best player after maguire and pickford


was a constant threat throughout the game.

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Thought he had a great game bar the finishing which was a confidence issue. Once he gets a goal, even a crappy tap in, he’ll be banging them in.

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Gave us something extra in running with the ball- good game, just didn’t get a goal to cap it off. Would definitely be in my starting 11 tomorrow.

Also the amount of times he sprinted to get the ball in really isolated position, keeping it and winning throw-ins or corners, which is kinda boring work but absolutely massive for the team. Mad that he’s coming in for criticism when Alli had a pure stinker

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Watching the game, should I:

  • Get up at 5am, walk 4 miles to the pub, big screen + breakfast
  • Get up at 6am, watch at home on dodgy stream
  • Get up at 6.30am, try to avoid result until after work

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Think Lingard has done that really well this torurnament personally. Can see the arguement for only having one of the two in.

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Gonna miss the 1st half tonight.


Just don’t like the insinuation by some of being stupid for thinking sterling could be doing better.


Criticism of his finishing is valid. Saying he had a bad game is silly.


Doesn’t kick off til 7pm mate you’ll be fine!


Football is subjective and no one should be chastised for giving an opinion… BUT I watched with a big group and the ones most vocal about Sterling being poor were the casual football fans.

The youtube channel you linked to is generally excellent and it’s a shame they’ve went with that title, but I do think that Sterling was a big part of why England won so convincingly, he scared the crap out of the Swedish defence and pulled them all over the place. Although he definitely did shitt the bed when he got himself into good positions.

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Oh boy, I sure nearly ended up with egg on my face there! Thanks for the FYI, friend.


Here’s hoping for a 22 man brawl with Hazard, De Bruyne, Mbappe and Griezmann all receiving red cards.

Game abandoned, FIFA decide Croatia v England is the final but will be played over 2 legs.


Fair play.

I don’t feel too strongly about it, I’m just wary of:

Me: Educated, socially aware, better understanding of football tactics

You: probably read the sun, drink lager, and couldnt possibly understand the complexities