WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2

:croatia: CROATIA v ENGLAND :wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji!!:

7pm, ITV

  • :croatia: Croatia
  • :wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji!!: England

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will win in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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Very nervous now. As I said in the other thread, we are due a howler of a mistake or just a bad performance. If we don’t fuck up badly, but lose we’ve still done far better than I thought. In fact, being here ain’t too shoddy.

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Show last night on r5 with lineker, waddle and klinsmann reminiscing about the 90 semi was quite nice. Would have been unbearable without jurgen though

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Other thing making me nervous is people talking about plans if we reach the final. Public showings/shops closing etc. I feel bringing these out in the open will anger the Football Gods and doom us.


Had a wave of optimism when I voted which has now subsided. Might head home for the weekend if England win tonight…which I can’t really afford or have time to do.

Nerve-meter (England / Croatia fans only, please)

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I’m not nervous at the moment cos I feel like it’s been so great to see them get this far. But I reckon by 6pm I’ll be a bag of nerves lol

My friend just texted to say her and her brothers have been up since 5 because they’re so wired about it!

Can any LME point me towards a decent central London pub to watch the game? Had no success with Hyde Park, and am meeting a friend who’s down for an interview so have to stick to central so he can get back to the station.

I lasted through five minutes of BBC Breakfast before the features on excited England fans got too much.

I think @I_LIKE_CATS hit it on the head for me: It’ll come down to one mistake/ stupid moment.

glad to see we’ve got your support now lopes. I trust japes and icky smicky will see the light before too long as well

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Not sure I’d go as far as support. Just don’t give as much a fuck as I would have years ago.


England are actually gonna spank Croatia today - Croatia looked well knackered at the end of the extra time against Russia and they haven’t rested any players in this tournament so far, plus Mandzukic is way off form.

Sure, they have the edge in midfield but Modric & Rakitic aren’t gonna get any chances in the box and the England attack is too good for their defense



:lion: :lion: :lion:

A feeling a strange mix of calm and confidence being slowly crushed by memories of past horrorshows.


I’m gonna shit myself with nerves this evening but to be honest atm I feel like this is a bit of a win-win for England fans. If we lose, of course it will be disappointing but we have a group of players and manager to be proud of finally, and we have seen them play in a WC semi-final which felt so far away even 2 years ago. They’ll be rightly celebrated as heroes.

If they win then fucking hell, obviously.


Gonna absolutely muller them. Can’t see how any other outcome is possible. Eeeeeeeeeeasy!

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Just feels like the foundations are perfectly laid for an England fuck up tbh