WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2

I’m watching the semi at home and travelling back home on Saturday if we get through for the same reason. I imagine the anti-English camaraderie is fun and all and I don’t begrudge them it but seeing England finally doing well while being surrounded by people who either don’t care or are waiting for the other shoe to drop has been weird.

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Horrible given he’s played well all tournament but I’d drop him for Rose if we get through

100% this. Defo a better chance of living with the pace.

Decent article this:

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  • Wearing a waistcoat
  • Orchestrated beer throwing
  • Personalised bantsy printed football shirt

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Oh god they’re all terrible man, don’t make me choose.


if France had a better manager I’d say they were dead certs to win the final. But as it is you never know, they’ve already bottled one final after all.

Also, France v Argentina was one of the best World Cup games ever.


Saw a man wearing an England rugby shirt this morning:

  • Trying to get in the spirit of things the best he can
  • Pointed anti-football statement by a definite Tory

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I am wearing this today:



Nothing else

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No, I have the rest of the usual clothes on

For now, at least


Lovren - Kane 2: the bloodening could be interesting

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oh christ I forgot about that – this was the match Klopp subbed him after half an hour right?

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You might need to remove your waistcoast so the print can be better viewed.

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And dropped him for a few weeks, and chewed him out in the press conference

England lose on penalties.

The natural order of things is restored.

Croatia winning three shootouts in a row would be pretty crazy

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  • Humdinger
  • :toilet:
  • Doesn’t matter, England in the semis so it will be tense as fuck

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