WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2

We’ve not had a naive red card yet.

Walker 5/2
Alli 7/2
Stones 5/1
Lingard 8/1
Pickford 12/1


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Genuinely think Southgate has got them past that mentally.


A second yellow for someone diving would be very funny.



reckon it will be a surprise humdinger

Think you’re selling Slabhead a little short here.

One of the two Harrys - Greatest Living Englishman to Pariah in one flappy elbow.

Last man on Rebic or Perisic after Young gets caught a million miles out of position.

Obviously I’m completely biased, but I’m sure we shouldn’t be bringing on Vardy towards the end of games instead of Rashford. Maybe on paper it makes sense but Vardy has never seemed to work at all in the system, whereas Rashford can run in behind, contributes more to the overall game, has the ability to whip in a worldie and has had the odd good performance for the national team.

In fact, feel our substitutions have been a bit weak in general. Loftus Cheek seemed to add some dynamism when he came on, but now Delph is preferred as substitute for Alli. Dier, despite getting a free pass for scoring that pen, adds nothing.

Obviously we don’t have much strength in depth, but if things weren’t going right around the hour mark, who should we be subbing in? Presuming we start with the standard line up.


Could have had no complaints if we’d got a red against colombia

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Yeah, but we didn’t. We absolutely would have done with any squad from the last God knows how many tournaments.

We haven’t seen him have to make any reactive changes in the tournament so far really aside from trying to grab that winner against Tunisia which worked.

Possibly more to do with how this tournament has been reffed than our mentality imo (obviously in previous tournaments Colombia would have had at least one red by that point too)

In 2006 there’d have been about 8 players on each team left by the end


Aye, that’s possibly true as well. There weren’t any proper acts of petulance though IMO and there would have been before.

The reffing on the whole has been superbly pragmatic and worked really well; although there’s been a bit too much tolerance of boundary pushing and dissent for my liking, it’s not been often that I haven’t felt the referee’s had the game under their control and the consistency from game to game has been far better on the whole.

(The Columbia game is one of the few exceptions, obviously)


Remarkable coincidence that this happens when Rooney’s dropped.

Also basically every single other member of the “golden generation”

Reckon they’ve gone too far the other way. Dembele last night was just taking the piss. So much cynical shite not getting bookings. Better than reds in every game but there’s a happy medium imo