WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


Depends which teams you’re using for comparison.


“if only I was shorter” he is thinking.


Ahhh lads. Just felt like inexperience to me. In control the first half, overrun and crippled by nerves thereafter. Can’t be mad, they did a good job, can’t say it’s “classic England”, they just weren’t quite strong enough



i dont remember honestly, but those intangible footballing intelligence bits are just as important. if we had another couple of players with that we would have won tonight.


I was incensed when Walker got booked after Croatia’s first half fouling performance.


Sorry, but on the first point it is totally skewed perspectives. If we are to measure international football by any barometer, I would say club achievements are the best…and in that case, England far outstrip Sweden and Colombia (without James). Sweden, in particular, are a classic example of an overachieving side.

Agree pretty much re: Kane, don’t want to infer that I think he’s a poor player and his link up play has been good…but, compared to someone like Lukaku…he’s not put the fear into defences enough. In fact, as has been said by others, it’s Sterling who has looked the most dangerous


post of the decade.


if I had twitter and did these I’d probably be a global influencer


Don’t think so, England’s lack of top-class midfielders was the main problem


“I’m not pleased for slav, what are you pleased for slav for?”

never change g nev


maybe footballing intelligence makes you a top class midfielder



Get Allardyce back in


This is a weird argument…Harry Kane played (arguably) like a decent midfielder therefore he’s done well? Even if that were true…he’s not fulfilled his duty as England’s central attacking threat

Basically. we’d be in the final with Lukaku (or Vardy)


Highlight of the game for me was my dad’s 60 year old female Serbian colleague, who watched the game with us. Select comments:

“Who is this one? Harry Maguire? He is nice. I like his face. He is very big. decisively Yes. I will support England now.”

“They do head the ball a lot, don’t they? laughs Look! They are doing it again!”

“Yes, I know this one. Luka Modric. The Croats do not like him, I know this. No, it is true! They hate him!” repeats this comment several times, particularly after third glass of wine

“You do not like this one, Lovren? No, he does not have a good face. He comes from the mountains, you can see it straight away.”

“I do not understand why the game is stopped. What is that for? Does each team get a turn to stop the game? Is that what they talk to the referee about?”

Most pertinently:

“It is a great shame that England lost, but Croatia did have the ball more often didn’t they? I think it is deserved.”


A reminder that we shouldn’t ever wear an all fucking white kit.


Football fandom is weird anyway tbh, like if Belgium lost to Japan I would’ve been filled with embarrassment and self loathing but they beat them and then Brazil and i was the most joy filled and proud I’ve ever been. Either way they would’ve tried their hardest though. Basically we should all be proud of our teams however bad they are


How many turgid qualifying performances will it take before everyone goes back to being completely indifferent about this team? I reckon 2


Fantastic game

Incredibly proud of England without even taking into account how relatively young they are. They played classy throughout and exceeded all expectations.

Fuck that weird new poster.

Well done Southgate x


sage analysis, tbh.