WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


Yep. They played fair too. The occasional ref misstep wouldn’t have actually changed much


Can’t wait for people at work to come over to discuss the game with me

  1. Not tonight. The ref seemed pathologically opposed to penalising Croatian fouls at times.




Cba to read 1100 posts. Croatia better team on the night, fair enough. Proud of the :lion:s


kane knows how to manage a football game, if our midfielders knew how to manage football games we’d be better off.

we were set up to stretch teams with sterling’s pace & hurt them from set pieces. vardy would have been in the sterling role and he wouldn’t have been as good at it.

also he’s scored 6 goals!


Ah fuck guys :cry:


Never trusted those high-altitude fuckers


We can’t blame the ref for that. He was no different to every other ref in this world cup. They could hold on to the ball in midfield, we couldn’t


Felt a bit non-anything about our midfield which is I suppose the point.

As for defence: lot of love for stones


might as well stick it on instagram


Joking aside…I feel like Kane needed to be more than a good “game manager”…no doubt he was good at that…but i felt like he didn’t do enough of what he’s known for at Spurs…accurate open play shooting, dragging players out of position, being a constant penalty box threat. I didn’t feel, watching him, that he could create a goalscoring opportunity.


Tbf I’m being a bit of a dick to Henderson here


Very proud of England, most I’ve cared about our national team since the 90s, and thought they gave a good showing and were beaten by a well-oiled and experienced team who I’m now rooting for to win the trophy. #football


very proud to be English right now


Can we try not to fall into the blame shite please. We took a young, obviously flawed squad with a likeable manager who played really well, had a great time and lost to the better team on the night. Its fine. And it’s felt really fun being an England fan for the first time in my adult life.


How optimistic am I for wanting the press to stay as classy as our team this year?




indeterminate number of lions on the shirt at the moment.


That stuff you wanted from him only works if he has good supply from the midfield, which he hasn’t had at all. At set pieces I think he was key for pulling people around and making space for others.

I think he’s pretty much done everything that’s been asked of him. And he scored 6 goals!