WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


No, sorry, I think the fact that our press can be really, really shitty means that people are a bit TOO afraid of being critical, given their reputation for hanging players out to dry.




3 penalties
1 deflection
1 rebound
1 decent header


Just come back from the pub. No hard feelings, we didn’t deserve it, as they had a display of all 32 countries’ flags but South Korea’s was upside down


mad how much the game turned around



After they equalised they were like a different team


My local had the flags of the four semi-finalists with Belgium’s at half-mast. Was pretty impressed tbh.


Depends how you frame it.
3 excellent penalties
A deflection (sure I’ll give you that one)
Rebound, but he was absolutely in the right place at the right time which isn’t what you want want from a striker.
Great header under pressure.


Is that on Kane though, or is it more the tactics and how he was asked to play?

He looked knackered from the start today anyway tbh, but I guess that is beside the point.


Big old bowl of bombay mix, a tin of nice lager and MOTD.


grampyk is convinced kane is 32. fair enough.


Great effort. Looking forward to beating Belgium on Saturday.


I’m not saying this made it worth going out, but I’m not not saying that either


If we just didn’t turn up to the match with Belgium and accepted the 3-0 loss that would also be fine tbh.


going to look back really fondly on this world cup and this thread, have been going through some bad times with my mental and physical health recently and it’s been a great distraction and a good sense of comradery here irrespective of who has been playing.


And for 10 minutes before tbf


“You were planning the parades” completely did me


he’s such a wank

would turn his back on a panda being born


It’s ok Ant you’re still a good person.


Great to have you here bammers, if you feel it helps you between August and May we’re always here too…