WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


Yeah, I accept your framing…but I think how you collect 6 goals has an impact on how your opponents (Croatia, for example) view your threat. It doesn’t take away from the goals themselves…but, aside from conceding penalties or set pieces…I feel that Croatia felt fairly comfortable with his threat, because of the limitations he had shown previously

But, as @Flashinglight said, it is probably more down to the tactical set up, which is fine when it breeds success.


what happens between August and May??




Club (non-international) football




wrighty loves the hamlet.


wrighty just shouting “FINAL! FINAL!” in an irish accent back at him was what did it for me dingers


Bad things. Bad.things


ah well I’ll wish you all well with that and hope every team does well


Perhaps. I would suggest that England don’t produce as good players as we probably should on the whole (for many reasons that get raked over after most tournament defeats), so from that baraometer we underperform, but I think when taking the players we do produce into account we’re a high second tier nation and have been for some years. Just opinions at this point really though :slight_smile:


I keep thinking to myself “maybe I’ll follow the premier league properly next season” and then I remember I’m a West Ham fan


Cheers to 99% of football thread veterans for being dece to all of us drop-ins btw. Has felt great. See you at the euros eh


If you’ve got a few minutes please allow me to persuade you that Newcastle United are the team for you


You’ve gotta pick a team. Might I suggest Leicester City.




Bam’s a sensible man. He’ll make the right choice.


“you’re all celebrating like this means something but you’re still endangered aren’t you”

I love him


Still subjective :wink: England have players from big English clubs who are becoming more successful in Europe. Not to mention they will probably have one of the highest collective wages in the tournament


can’t pick Leicester as:

  1. They’re kind of local to me
  2. A woman I used to work with who was really horrible and aggressive towards me supported them
  3. Jamie Vardy is a blank

  1. That’s exactly why you should support them
  2. Every football club has its dickhead fans
  3. Jamie Vardy is a legend