WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


Bam support Peterborough!


He can’t, they’re posh


sorry I can’t as

  1. They have a Tory council again
  2. Pebo


i think this after every world cup/euros and it just doesn’t happen. it’s too long and i don’t care.


I’ll probably just support Sheffield because their mayor is great and also Jarvis


Brighton and Hove Albion, home of Britain’s first constituency to return a Green MP, was the Premier League fanbase with the most ardent Remain supporters - with a convincing 81% voting to stay in Europe.

Brighton for you then


Time to sober up


he’s a chelsea boy through and through. lines and lines of private messages discussing the complexities surrounding willian or pedro starting on the wing.


Which Sheffield mafe


Which, united or Wednesday?


Wednesday obvs


Just out the gig, what did I miss?!


what’s the difference.

Probably united as Wednesday sounds like an emo band and I never had an emo phase and looked down on that scene with derision.


Sheffield Wednesday as an emo band is… kind of brilliant?


England has won the world cup


Taking Back Sunday
Sheffield Wednesday

basically the same


Wednesday have a cute nickname: The Owls
United are called the Blades and therefore support knife crime

plus they’re dickheads


was happy to hear that he considers the nearby byron burger the best place for a pint and food before the game too.


can’t trust a football fan’s opinion on another team though.

I’ll ask Epimer who to support


Aye… hence I said all opinion at this stage :slight_smile:

FWIW, You might find Soccernomics a reasonable read on some of this if you haven’t looked in the past; the authors believe that English players are dramatically overvalued when compared to others, particularly when young (i.e. you get less bang for buck both in terms of transfer fee AND wages), hence the historic flood of foreign youngsters into academy setups; better to take a punt on 3 or 4 kids from abroad than one English kid of similar ability.

Even then, their criteria for judging these this is… subjective :joy: