WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


Anyone but Epimer


stalagtites :point_up_2:
stalagmites :point_down:



So proud of the side. Just to echo what others have said, only time bar Euro '96 i’ve felt a genuine connection to the team.

Everyone played well. Think i’d single Trippier and Stones out for particular praise just for their consistency, but Young brought real experience, Henderson and Lingard proved themselves on the very biggest stage to put any doubts people might have had to bed, Walker put in an absolutely grueling slog in a new position, Maguire was our best player in two games, Pickford showed huge character, Sterling’s movement was pivotal to the system if his finishing was off. Kane’s six goals speak for themselves and he was brilliant against Colombia particularly and ruthless from the spot. Alli maybe didn’t have a single standout game but did well considering his injury.

Triffic. An England manager binned off a load of big names, picked a squad on form and took us two rounds further than we realistically expected, and with clear tactics.




woah I didn’t know Gaz Coombes played for this blue football team!


i might start supporting Cardiff as the only non-English team


little known fact: gaz coombes is italian.




No matter how fast I think Sterling is, he still somehow faster than that.


do not do this




can’t you support a Northern Irish football team?


how many do you have?


bloody knew you’d be chelsea too.

only the top lads here.


not in the premier league no

could start following League of Ireland (can’t be bothered though)


I’m going to guess all the teams in the permier league


fantastic idea mate


My boss has been punting me freebies to watch them play of late and I can feel the creep of loyalty getting a little worrying each time I visit


Bit like supporting Scotland in world events