WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


Yessssss Bam. Best post.


dunno if I hated England I don’t think I’d want to support their football clubs


missed Swansea County the first time round :smiley:


had a mate at uni who was the daughter of the ex-georgian defence minister. went round hers a few times to hang out or for parties etc. legtic had an AK47 framed in his kitchen.

anyway, he had a box at stamford bridge, which I was invited to through 2010-2012. best few years of my life.


My hottake

Needed to change tactics and sub knackered Alli and lingard and we may have won it.


Support Wednesday. Experience working in Sheffield City centre bars says United fans are far, far worse


It’s a tricky one. I support Chelsea but grew up supporting both them and a semi-successful Irish national side. I now support Cork City too as a counterbalance to Chelsea but it’s a childhood loyalty I can’t shake.


my first chelsea shirt. i got it for my 5th or 6th birthday with some tickets to a friendly against woking enclosed. still the best birthday present ever.


After this thrilling world cup adventure I heartily throw my support behind my childhood team…

reads autocue

York City?


my ex-gfs dad is a Chelsea fan, remember him shouting at the TV watching City play, on holiday, having spent a lot of money themselves. cooly asked him how he felt about Chelsea spending over a bill since Roman took over. Not the way to win yer girls dads heart I tell ya.


I got the grey and orange jersey first and that second. That sounds like the best birthday present ever tbf.


Poor @Severed799


Got to blame Southgate for leaving out our one truly world class talent




somewhere in London where there used to be an actual Victorian Crystal Palace, until it burnt down


God someone will be phoning up 5 live with jonj/wilsh/lallana chat right now won’t they


sounds cool, I didn’t know crystals could burn


never sure whether to support Derry City or bitterly oppose them


Seriously now, will England get to another WC semi final (or further) in the next 12 years?

  • Yes
  • No

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Absolutely. That and anti-Sterling rants.