WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2




10 is an interesting number to pick


Haha, yep. Changed to 12


v excited for the inevitable ‘2022 England starting lineup’ stories online and in the papers in the coming days



Still can’t believe Gareth snubbed Jack Cork tbh


Meh. I would have said no if you’d asked me before this tournament so


Still a nonsense question though. Unlikely we’ll be one of the best 4 international teams in the world but that applies for 3 of the 4 semi finalists this year. We have a lot of youth group talent and finally something resembling a coherent plan at a national level so no reason why not


it was my first match and we were sat behind the goal at kingfields. my dad told me to duck if chelsea were attacking (because the ball might hit the stands), and that is my enduring memory of the match.


Immediate self flagellation is really fucking dull innit


It’s almost Thursday tbf


Aye. This squad definitely has the potential to. Will probably depend on them fulfilling it as a group though, which is definitely not guaranteed.


12 years applies to this generation (and those beneath it). That’s fine you’re entitled to your opinion…but if DiS is somehow still running in 2030 I will be sure to bring this back up


Add in fodiesta and Sessegnon and its literally on its way home


I’ve not made any bold claim. You’re being a bit ott in your posting and I think you should go to bed


Lascelles to captain England to world cup glory in Qatar is gonna be amazing tbf


good name for a team tbf.


Ameobi and Carroll up top


Sorry everybody I have to support Airdrie United


Crouchy player manager