WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


I think I should go to bed


might fly home to take advantage of my m9s fulham season tickets to soak in another 4-0. superb half time hot dogs at the cottage tbh,


Ditto. Night Mate :kissing_heart:


forgot about Finn Harps who are also relatively local and popular at home, without any general inter-town rivalry. i’ll go for them.


I’m so sorry Bam.


Oh don’t be daft, just reassessing the English perception of this tournament. No need to go all “you’ve had your say” about it


Don’t be, I asked an Impartial and fair advisor and so the Airdrieonions are my boys!


reckon the defence needed some John Terry experience in there


turns out the score was 1-3, but I presume Heitinga scored on behalf of Chelsea.


It’s probably the generation gap but I can’t believe any sporting incident will ever be funnier than Gazza’s bawling.


Again, and this is my last post before sleeping, it’s nonsense. Nobody thinks this England team is one of the best 4 teams in the world. Its been fun, they’ve played better, more coherent football than almost any of us have seen an England team play in a long time, and they lost to a team with a pair of world class central midfielders who proved to be the difference. They’re young. They might get better, they might not, the youngsters might become really good, they might not. No harm in enjoying the last 3 weeks for what they’ve been and taking the obvious, glaring positives into the future, for a couple of days at least


Yeah ok, fine. The points I’ve made aren’t challenging this notion. Some people asses a loss by taking positives…some look at what may have been the causes. Neither is correct…but your previous post was unnecessary and undermining. Equally, this is my last post


The best team!


Sums it all up really


I had some big opinions on England

Also had some big opinions on Elon Musk the other day

Some of them didn’t even have Simpsons references

I typed them out but the site is so fucking useless I can’t respond


bad timing


That game was very Spurs vs Juventus imo

I hate miserable pricks who try to begrudge people getting excited and swept up in something. Happened a lot with Liverpool fans with the Champions League final - it’s brilliant, enjoying the journey is what the sport is all about. A World Cup semi-final, heatwave summer, a great set of players, a lovely, dignified and progressive coach to identify with and get behind. Nobody can take that away.

Having said that - this emotion and the positivity people feel shouldn’t get in the way of objective analysis. The fact remains England beat Sweden, Panama and Tunisia in this tournament. Pointing this out isn’t trying to take things away from anyone or being a buzzkill.

Croatia are an experienced, decent team with a couple of incredible individuals - but they’re not unbeatable, and player-for-player, there’s no reason England should’ve felt inferior. They looked utterly shot after Russia. This was an opportunity missed.

I agree with Roy Keane and @wonton’s assessments.


Hope Pope will get a run-out on Saturday.

Shame his uncle who comes to nearly all his games for Burnley is a regularly RT’ing Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson type.


think on balance I’d probably rather Croatia win the final as it will be more special for them. Haven’t France already won it twice?


once i think?

would be nice for Croatia to win yeah, don’t really mind a France win though as they’re not one of the teams that win it all the time.