WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2


There’ll be a lot of crowing about this result from certain quarters, and I don’t blame them. We really blew that, could you retire the phrase wigs off after that? Case to be made.

But fuck it, nothing takes away from the whole. It’s been an incredible summer to support the England team, and tonight doesn’t change that. Think we all have a tendency to put too much importance on winning stuff in football, which is understandable in the club game, but in international football where there’s an element of the gloriously random about it, you’ve just got to enjoy what you can. For all these years of underachievement all we’ve really wanted is a bit of fun and something to get behind, and the fact we haven’t won the thing won’t take away from how great Tunisia, Panama (6!), Colombia and Sweden were.

It’ll go back to normal eventually no doubt, but this has felt special. Cheers lads.


think I’ve liked all the teams in this world cup except for Colombia and Ronaldo


Having said that… There are brilliant coaches in this country. The youth teams at almost every level have been exceptional. At the biggest clubs there’s millions and millions being pumped into coaching, and there’s a depth and breadth of footballing culture in this country that no other country, not even Germany, can compete with. Good young players are finally travelling abroad to get minutes.

Not sure how much I buy into this tournament, but at the very least there’s a competence there and they are finally beating the poor teams that they categorically should be. There’s players in this squad who’ve clearly shown they won’t be overawed and can be depended upon. Many of these players will be better in four years.

They’ll probably have to beat two or three great teams (which England haven’t done in a tournament in decades) but there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be able aiming for that level.

The future’s bright.


England have entered 32 major international tournaments in their history. They have reached the last four in 5 (FIVE) of them. I don’t know if this says good or bad things about tonight.


Was making a (very satisfying) deposit in the porcelain bank when england scored
Was draining the anaconda for both of croatias goals

If only I had more fiber in my diet or ignored my GF when she told me last night I couldnt eat the 3 day old kebab in the fridge, it would be coming home

sorry everyone


Hvala vam!!!


I am despondent.

The better team won today.

I am proud of my team.


croatia and france in the final. what a worls cuo


Thanks Jook, you just gave me flashbacks to that godawful A-League ad.


Not you, I must stress, but some people have been way, way ott with pouring cold water on the idea England took even a small step forward this tournament. Christ, take a look at our last four tournaments. We were utter, utter muck in all of them. This summer we’ve seen a team playing somewhere near the sum of their parts. Just being competent is a step forward. I know people obviously got a little cocky as it went on, but I’d maintain most folk particularly on here were just pleasantly surprised with a well organised team, who were also largely a likeable gbol.


I completely agree with this and that we were much much better this time. However there are some weird parallels. Look at how we went out last night

-came up against a European team from a country with a tiny population, a team we probably expected to beat. Went one nil up against them but ended up losing two one.

This has been a brilliant tournament for England but doesn’t that remind anyone of 2016,in terms of just the bare facts?


I think it was hoped, rather than expected.


Fair enough


Haven’t got time to read the 1000+ posts I missed, so I may be repeating what’s been said, but here goes.

Great start, felt like confident, flowing football. Elated when we scored, and was frustrated we couldn’t put any chances away in the first half. Reminded me of Man U who for a season played great football, but simply couldn’t finish.

At half time I thought to myself that we would really fucking regret not making it 2-0. And that was it. They fought back and proved how good they were. We got sloppy.

They were better last night, but we’ve done well and the team seem like a GBOL.


There is that (stretched, I think) parallel but again it depends how you frame it…let’s not forget that Modric has won 4 (?) Champions League finals, Rakitic has probably won a couple with Barca and Mandzukic and Perisic have probably played/won a few as well. That is a pretty solid core of big game experience that England just didn’t have…and certainly can’t be compared to how we went out to Iceland.


Yeah I know, was being facetious really, just pointing out how much difference context (like the things you’ve mentioned) makes to how we read the eventual result.


Thibaut will be distraught

Edit: someone already made this joke/astute observation


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Ireland got to the Quarter Finals of Italia '90 having scored only two goals. Three draws in the group stages and a penalty shoot-out win against Romania after a 0-0 draw. It was a good story though.