WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover

Urgh. Don’t feel great to be honest. Missed chances, maybe a missed opportunity. But then so impressed with this squad and manager and what they’ve been able to achieve. How about you?

Feel worse this morning than I did last night.

Once in a gen chance gone imo.

It’s only football, don’t worry about it

It’s a good, developing squad and England have had so much success at youth/U17/U19/U21 etc level over the last few years that you’ve got to think that the future is bright

Roll on the Euros
Reckon this is only the start of something, not the end


We could have and maybe should have beaten Croatia. But they’re a good side. A lot of people, myself included, were tipping them for the final when drawn in this half.

Feels moot to say we almost certainly wouldn’t have beaten France… I think most of us were just desperate to see England play in a World Cup final


feels like a bit of a self inflicted defeat with the missed chances and defensive lapses etc but pretty positive about our tournament as a whole.


3rd place playoff should be scrapped. Poor bastards. Lose a tight game and have to stay to play a nothing game


The better team on the night won. We could’ve taken our chances better, but they had missed opportunities too. We started well, but they worked out how to get on top of us, get us on the back-foot and then kept us there. I think we tired too, gave them far too much time/space out wide. Thought Sterling was excellent in the first half, really stretched them at the back. Not sure Ali brought a lot to the party.

The lads freaked out when they realised they were close to the final. All very spurs.

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Jazz Jam’s time to shine

Also just want to shout out that you’re all a GBOLs and these World Cup threads have been fantastic.


Definitely. Still hurts though

I think it’s quite likely that this team will improve as Sessegnon, Foden, Sancho etc. break through, yet it’s also quite likely that even if we improve considerably footballwise, there’s no guarantee oof reaching a WC semi with the number of factors that have to go your way


I suppose we could see it as a missed opportunity, but I’m just very happy to see a team that I thought would genuinely struggle to get out of the group get to the first WC semi I’ve ever seen England play in. I love the way that they and Gareth Southgate have played, behaved, talked around the game, and genuinely shown themselves to be a great set of role models for everyone watching (not something I thought I’d ever say about the England national team). I hope this is the start of something that we can build on rather than an everything-in-its-right-place flash in the pan.

Can’t begrudge Croatia, absolute bunch of warriors. They were the better team in the 2nd half and had the big game experience to close it out. I must admit I found Modric’s comments a little odd after the game - I think something in the ‘Football’s Coming Home’ gets a bit lost in translation, perhaps.

Honestly doesn’t feel as bad as 1990 or 1996. In both of those matches we were as good as the opposition and were within a hair’s breadth of winning. Last night we were hanging on, as we weakened, Croatia strengthened.
In 1990 there was very much a feeling that we had a squad at its peak but that we would lose some of the key players shortly afterwards; and look what happened in 1992 and 1994…
In 1996 it was at home and the country was on an absolute roll, way more than this year and the comedown was massive.
I genuinely feel that this team has more to come and will strengthen. Very much grounds for optimism


Good move really, throw last night’s game so Croatia will be complacent going into October’s key Nations League fixture. #cleverGareth


Alli should have come off really shouldn’t he


You did better than everyone expected, in a tourney where Netherlands and Italy (and Chile) didn’t even qualify, where the Spanish lost to the worst team in the tourney, the Germans got done by South Korea and didn’t get out of their group, the Brazilians went out early…

Obviously it hurts now, but you really had a good tournament, you’ll hardly lose anyone from this squad by the next world cup (Young is probably the only starter from last night who won’t be around) and you’ve got a GBOL coming through. Could be a lot worse.

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Spain did not lose to Panama.

We had a great first half but Croatia just grew in strength from the 2nd half.

Bit sad today but overall proud of the performance over the World Cup - no ones been sent off or acted like a dickhead, Kane’s probably gonna get the golden boot, everyone seems pretty likeable and you’d hope in a few years for the euros and next World Cup these players would have got even better. So much to feel good about.
Last few England squads I almost feel a contempt for some of the players (Terry, Rooney etc) and have felt a sense of relief going out or not qualifying because of them really. It’s felt nice to get behind an England team and feel good about it for the first time since 1996.


Was a really good match I thought, kind of sad that the most entertaining England match of the tournament ended up with them losing. As much as the OTT Englandcentrism has been a bit alienating i still have a lot of affection for this England side. Hope the general positive feeling can be maintained into the PL season.

Also really hope Croatia can put in a decent showing in the final

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