WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover


although really unhappy with Sterling’s performance throughout tqfh




ah god is it raining onions


State of this :grinning:


ooft, kick us while we’re down why don’t you




Still don’t think that Croatia are all that great, all in all. With a couple of exceptions, this is still the same generation of players that has underwhelmed and failed to live up to their potential. Only just squeezed past poor Russia and Denmark teams.

I’m not sure if they’re really any better than 2016 or 2014 or 2012… like England, above all else, favoured massively by freak circumstances and an unbelievably lopsided draw.

But I can’t fault them last night, I loved their spirit, seems a great bunch of lads and I’m happy to their golden generation end as the first surprise finalists in 50 odd years.

I thought Lovren and Vida were giants - Sterling caused them problems in the first half and they ran the risk, but always did just enough. Lovren obviously should’ve been booked, but that remarkably cynical block is what you want a centre half to do. From the second half onwards though they were rocks… Vrsaljko, Brozovic, Modric, Perisic, Mandzukic too.


:’( savage


Lovely stuff.



Anybody taking this as a massive Mourinho dig?


Lots of people will be inevitably and uninterestingly doing exactly that


Happy to oblige


yes. a calculated blow that reeks of cynicism and combative aggression, and not just heartfelt sentiment at all


No No No…it can be a dig and heartfelt at the same time. Like an innocent kid just expressing the contrast in styles he’s seeing


“this car is way cooler than my dad’s”


“turns out all you had to do was attack Man City to beat them”


England’s Noah.


Should’ve been dropped before the final, really. Especially after the Germany victory.


somebody once told me
world cups not coming homey
it’s back to gar-den-ing and my shed

RIP English football

Like this if you cry every time. :frowning: