WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover



looks like big keith dressed as ali g these days doesn’t he (seagal not mickey o)




tbf Croatia probably did as well just no one knows how to speak the language



We can use this thread tomorrrow and Saturday as well. I’ll allow it.


I was just thinking, with England in the 3rd/4th playoff on Saturday and given Clive and Glenn tend to do the England games on ITV, does that mean they might pick Champion and Super Ally for the Final if they’re showing the Saturday game? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?


and have Drogba and Zabaleta doing analysis, but with Ian Wright forcing Phil Neville to write letters to the mothers of dead soldiers because he was rude about Maté


Title edited to account for that.


Can’t believe that its almost over. At least my alcohol consumption will go down hugely after the final.





Quite happy that tomorrow’s game is a 3pm kick-off. Hopefully it has a total charity game feel to it, lots of tricks and maybe someone good-naturedly pushing over the referee, keeper trying to go on a 60-yard dribble, Southgate and Martinez tripping people up, etc.


And plenty of Jazzy Jazzy Jazz Jam


lukaku and kane in goal


Obviously it’ll end as a draw, so we can have a penalty shootout