WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover


meh i don’t think they were tbqfh but there we are


I think it was very important to have him able to cover Trippier in his familiar defensive areas as Trippier is not strong defensively IMO.

The positional discipline required to play as the right or left side of a defensive three is not something I thought he had though and he was really impressive IMO (and yeah, has the pace to bail himself out for the odd positional lapse)


Quite fond of Mandzukic and his shark face.


I thought he was responsible for the first Croatia goal last night and was by far the weakest part of the team for the rest of the match.

Can’t look past Maguire or Trippier for England’s player of the tournament personally.


I don’t like many/any of the Independent writers so haven’t read this in full so apologies if i’ve interpreted it incorrectly, but i think it’s probably reasonable to criticise the changes last night. Moreso taking Walker off when we already knew Trippier was struggling, but taking Sterling off as well. The game was already slipping away, but we were getting completely overrun in midfield and he was our only real outball.


Quality wise is there really much of a gap though?

Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. Alli/Sterling/Henderson all key for their respective clubs, who have all had great seasons. An arguable decline in top class defenders across the leagues means that Trippier, Walker, Stones and even maybe Maguire are among the best in their positions.

Completely agree that England’s main weakness is a good midfielder to transfer the ball quickly onto attack, which conversely is exactly Croatia’s main strength…


England only played two games against challenging opposition, Belgium and Croatia, and lost both.
Was just a lucky draw wasn’t it, and fortunate coming second in the group.
Looking forward to this statue of Gareth Southgate being built.


Yeah I saw a fair few people last night in the thread mentioning how empty the midfield felt. Right at the end of the Indie article they’re essentially saying ‘it’s good that Gareth is there, he just has a bit more to learn’, which feels alright. It’s better than the usual screaming FAILURE OF A NATION tabloid schtick


Maguire was poor against Tunisia and not great against Panama, but our best player against Colombia and maybe Sweden.

Stones was very good in every game, but lost his man for the winner last night.


Bit harsh I think, not much he could have done, if a centre back is needing to stoop to head it away then IMO it’s probably fair to say the next man over should have got a head to it first.

Also, and I don’t believe it was a foul whatsoever, that’s a free kick for a high foot anywhere else on the pitch innit.


this is a very fresh take and has not been repeated constantly since last night by numerous dissers!


Just a second of switching off wasn’t it. So harsh how fine the margin was for that goal.


Aye, we were saying yesterday how he hadn’t had to make too many reactive changes in the tournament so far, I don’t think any of those subs yesterday were the right ones though.


just don’t think there should be too much to celebrate, or an acceptance of, a slew of excuses when going out to a poor Croatia team when we had a real chance of getting to a world cup final.
Not a fan of a “take the positives” for 4 years time kind of mentality. It’s kind of meaningless. You take your chances there and then.


Shut up, I was talking to myself not you or anyone else.


That could literally be a slogan for DiS <3


That Croatia team isn’t poor


Maybe I’m a miserable cynical fuck but don’t buy this “just the beginning” angle. Discounting Belgium, we played pretty shite opposition apart from 25 mins v Columbia and last night where we weren’t very good.

When the big boys get their collective acts back together we’ll be back to what we were.

Hope they prove me wrong.


He knows that, it’s merely the simplest contrary stance he can take.


Pure fatigue I reckon.