WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover


Think a good midfield is more important than those other positions. Guess you could argue that Kane, Sterling and Lingard despite all putting good shifts in all tournament didn’t really do enough in an attacking sense though. Only 2 shots on target in each of the 3 knockout games is a pretty poor return, especially given Kane is famous for taking loads of shots


Not all positions are equal. In tournament football a world class ball playing Central midfielder is much more important than anything else imo




Why are they a poor Croatia team?

Granted a couple of their peformances have been flat but they have quality in so many areas. Real big game players who have produced the goods in European finals at the highest levels and have played together as a team for a long while.

If we’re proud of the England team and what they’ve achieved imagine being a Croatian this morning.


out of interest was it entirely a case of tactics rather than the squad in midfield for you? as in are there any notable names you would have preferred to see there?


I’m happy for that handsome Croatian guy from ER.


Agree with you here but just curious as to “what we were” is in reference to? Italia 90?


It was much more personnel than tactics. Putting on someone to follow Modric around would have been admitting the obvious quality gap in midfield and may well have opened gaps up elsewhere. We don’t have any midfielders who are at that level, and haven’t for years if ever


Oh yeah completely agree, and I think in that regard that’s why Croatia were always going to be very difficult because their strength is our weakness to such a significant degree I’m not sure how you can really navigate against it.



:smiley: 43 and still looks about 5


always kind of loved how weirdly solid Scholes felt. Like, could hang on to the ball when it looked impossible, sometimes even HE looked like he wasn’t sure how he was doing it. Borderline impossible to knock him off balance.


Nationality: 100% Croatian… or maybe French… dunno.


Poor is a bit strong, but they aren’t great. Laboured against Denmark and Russia. Were awful in the 1st half and we let them back in. borednowbye


What sort of realistic chance would you have given England in a final against France?

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  • 50%
  • 40%
  • 30%
  • 20%
  • 10%

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Btw, I realised I have money on Croatia to be beaten in the final as I couldn’t find the “make the final” market a few weeks ago so lump on them winning it now.


Would love to see the upset but… La Marseillaise!!


i have them in the sweepstakes and will make two hundy if they win. so either my wife’s happy or i get a new guitar effects pedal…


And I think not having a good ball playing midfielder affects all of that.

Lingard and Alli have been restricted all tournament for having to be in this weird limbo between attack and midfield, neither one or the other. Kane similarly has had to play a bit deeper to create things, and even defence having to play out of the back isn’t necessarily always a strengh, but rather maybe even a weakness that is in place only to counter our lack of midfield.


i had a really optimistic/naive daydream thinking about how panicked france felt in the first 15 mins against belgium, thinking ‘ooh maybe we’ll exploit that and we’ll be winners!’

but no, I mean i’ve put 40% but in my heart it’s 25/30