WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover




Had an actual dream last night where welbeck scored in extra time against France on the break after they’d been smashing us and woke up really sad


Obviously no guarantee, but look at the German generation who emerged in the mid-noughties under Jogi: five straight tournaments making at least the semis before this one.


On a side note, reckon any England players have put themselves in the shop window? Assuming that Chelsea/Man City/Man Utd are unlikely to sell anyone, who might be looking for a BIG MONEY MOVE at some point in the near future?

Pickford - his height might continue to cause some doubts for the absolute top teams, but will he stay at Everton?

Maguire - had the absolute time of his life. Must be a tempting option for one of the bigger teams.

Trippier - reckon he could go pretty much anywhere and do a job.

Kane - likely to be golden boot winner, although didn’t he sign a bumper new deal just before the tournament?


Shelvey and Wilshere maybe could’ve been beneficial last night, but still don’t think either would’ve had a tangible impact.

I’m with those of you mourning the loss of Ox. He was what we needed, and his experience/cohesion with Henderson would’ve been pretty invaluable.


Maguire is the only one I can see moving any time soon.

We’ll probably spunk £85 million on him and he’ll turn into Jonesy


I used to think like you but then I would have given anything for the dream to continue even though France would have taken some beating. Everyone was so happy and in good spirits there was excitement in the air, we were allowed to leave work early and the team and Southgate just seemed like really good guys not loud of boastful and humble winners


Here’s something I found surprising, Inter and Bayern have both had a player in a World Cup final for every tournament going back to 1982. Woah!


Was heartened when I glanced at the newspapers this morning in Co-op and all of the headlines were celebratory. Could easily have fallen into classic English misery and denigration of the players, but think a groundswell of support and admiration is highly deserved


I kind of.meant a also ran last 16 or there abouts team. It’s where England sit imo. Massively exceeded this time round, but the quality of the opposition helped no end.


surely Rubes has made a strong case for himself either going back to Chelsea and getting some first team action, or being sold to a bigger team than Palace?


As a Palace fan, obviously I would love to have RLC back next year but I suspect that Chelsea would want to use him. Can’t see them selling him in a hurry - too much potential to be a genuine first teamer for them for years to come…


Post can’t be empty



I think the only way I can eloquently describe my position is in list form


  • Gareth. Everything about him, his tactics, his man management, his demeanor. Having him as role model for men in this country could actually be monumental
  • Most players performed at least close to their ability/potential
  • Lack of press scapegoats for the loss
  • Penalty win was by far my highlight
  • I can’t tell if it’s good PR or a genuinely decent bunch…but I have to admit, the players all came across well


  • No matter how you spin it, the teams they beat…should have been beaten. But I emphasise…performing to par is far beyond recent years.
  • It will probably be used as an unreasonable yardstick for future teams…who will probably have much “bigger” teams against them in the knockouts
  • Perhaps it was the tactical plan…but there wasn’t much creativity after the first 30 minutes of Tunisia
  • Beer throwing



Might be being overly cynical here…but is it really a story? I feel like most teams take something said about them as motivation…if it works, you tell the press…if it doesn’t, you keep quiet. Maybe?


I mean, it’s posted in a thread discussing the WORLD CUP and last night’s match. This interview is in response to last night’s match so… Yes, yes it is.

Feel he makes a valid point.


Do you get an actual bronze medal if you win the third place playoff?


I didn’t mean you posting it…I just think the importance is overstated. Genuinely see it as a “wise after the event” kind of scenario