WORLD CUP: Day 29/30 - the hangover


Ah ok. Fair do’s.


Lovren defended well, but he was one of the Croats who got away with an awful lot of fouls in the first half without picking up a booking.


I would also be very surprised if Croatian media in the build up hadnt been getting a bit ahead of itself. Its a world cup, its what people do. Obviously England’s history (football and political) makes it easy to look at as hubris and arrogance but really not sure its any different to how any country looks at their team playing a 50:50 game


It just reminds me of before the Sweden game…where the Swedish media were really plugging the “England will underestimate us” line. Obviously heard nothing of that once the match was over…



I’ll never not see Caribou when I look at Robben.




Can’t speak for Croatia, but the Dutch press (and general public) has a much more cautious approach every time Holland reach a semi final, compared to their English counterparts.


They must be 20th in the FIFA rankings for a reason.


Big miss with hindsight.


I guess the Dutch have much more experience of being there/the final and cocking it up…whereas it’s almost unchartered territory for England.


Guess they need to be very cautious whenever they reach a major tournament. No idea when they’ll next qualify for another one


Buckley-Ricketts played on loan at Oxford United last season. We were so excited when he came and he was absolute, ABSOLUTE toilet. In his last game for us he was subbed off after 16 minutes.


I’m not sure he does make a valid point. If it’s referring to the Football’s Coming Home stuff, I feel that was all pretty tongue-in-cheek and poking fun at ourselves a little bit…and knowing that we’d probably overachieved already. I don’t think there was a massive amount of hubris going into this game, even in the press - I think it was excitement more than anything.


yes and no. i don’t think if we draw Brazil in the 2022 round of 16 anyone will be expecting to beat them because we’re a “semi final level team now”





I know most of it was tongue in cheek from a fans perspective and they were just excited at the possibility and all that but…

The pundits however, act like this…

If I was Croatian, I’d use it as fuel. And I’d lord it over then when I won. Which is what he’s doing.



Meh, it’s the impression I got…but maybe I’m wrong.


Still can’t believe that we’re European champions 2020