WORLD CUP! day 31 - third place play off


:belgium: BELGIUM v ENGLAND :wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji!!:

3pm, ITV



Can’t believe it’s nearly over :sob:



World Cup?

  • :belgium: Belgium
  • :wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji!!: England

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will win in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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Reckon this is a bigger deal for Belgium, chance for their best ever WC finish and that
For that reason I hope Lukaku scores a hat trick to take the golden boot and Harry Kane cries


Both teams are going to go nuts. It’ll be 4-4 after extra time, penalty shootout will keep going until the keepers get involved.

Gonna be an absolute footballing feast.

Alternatively, nobody can be bothered and it’ll be a dreary 1-0.


Literally nobody will be watching this.


Which Golden Boot is the most fraudulent?

  • Harry Kane
  • Oleg Salenko

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Didn’t notice it at the time but the Kane ‘miss’ was a great save


mental that ITV never showed that slomo replay / pointed out the save



Nah. CBA



  • I will be watching this pointless and almost certainly humiliating game
  • The sun is shining and it’s Saturday

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The sun is shining and it’s Saturday

I’m working until 8


Good opportunity to actually win a game against a “good” side after all the chat about us only beating the sides we should expect to beat.

Watch us get thrashed now of course.


Bit fairweather to not watch it imo


I’m so tired, shrewbz.


Belgium winning on penalties would be the funniest outcome


It might be good! Will be in watching tennis anyway so no reason not to fire up the dual screen


It’ll be four weeks without any meaningful football so better watch this and tomorrow’s. Four weeks!