WORLD CUP! day 31 - third place play off


Speak for yourself, I’m going to watch Wolves v Ajax at the Bescot on Thursday lunchtime…



can I watch the football today please?


Of course!


thanks mate, gonna get some beers in wheey!


If these teams let’s this game go to extra time there is something very very wrong with football


Unless it’s a 3-3 thriller after 90 minutes of course (can but hope).


The third place play off should be sacked immediately. No one cares!


Lineups announced


I cared four years ago.


Put the playoff on in the same stadium just before the final, give the third place team their medals alongside first and second, make it more of a big deal.


I’m off to a couple of Fire matches before then and a WORLD SOCCER PREMIER CHAMPIONS game, or whatever it is between City and Dortmund at Soldier Field.


Watching it. Hope we win.


Come on Belgium. Let’s smash these mincing Brexit twats again.


I care and want us to win this fixture.


Might flick over to catch the sprint of the TdF though


Yes! Pretty much full strength lineups. Humdinger! Ahoy!


Danny Rose’s socks, what’s that about




What’s Matiface (if it’s him) on?

“One or two eyebrows raised with Sterling’s inclusion in today’s game”.