WORLD CUP! day eight


1PM :tv: ITV :soccer: DENMARK v AUSTRALIA ©

4PM :tv: ITV :soccer: FRANCE v PERU ©

7PM :tv: BBC :soccer: ARGENTINA v CROATIA (D)

:denmark: :australia: :fr: :peru: :argentina: :croatia:

Group C Table P Pts GD
1 :fr: France 1 3 +1
2 :denmark: Denmark 1 3 +1
3 :australia: Australia 1 0 -1
4 :peru: Peru 1 0 -1


Group D Table P Pts GD
1 :croatia: Croatia 1 3 +2
2 :argentina: Argentina 1 1 0
3 :iceland: Iceland 1 1 0
4 :nigeria: Nigeria 1 0 -2

  • :denmark: Denmark
  • :australia: Australia
  • draw

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  • :fr: France
  • :peru: Peru
  • draw

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  • :argentina: Argentina
  • :croatia: Croatia
  • draw

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  • Watching 1-9 (All football)
  • Working 9-5 (or any activity/variation where you miss some football)

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Do it for Bozza!


Yes, Argentina :argentina: are actually on at a time I can watch :grinning:




Argentina Croatia could be the highlight of the tournament


Messi and Modric, couldn’t ask for much more really.


I fancy County Peru against France

Bring your sash and your sass




i particularly enjoyed Messi’s impression of a human on saturday


That Peru game’s gonna be well tasty :yum:


There will be three World Cup football matches played today, imho.


Watched every minute of every game so far…

Back at work today. Gonna miss at least half of the 1300 kick off and will have to listen to the first half of the 1900 on t’radio. No beer either. Fucking disgrace tbh.


excuse me, this is the world cup discussion thread. you can’t talk about the world cup in here.


Aussi, allez les Bleus! Smash those llama fuckers!


Tell you what, yesterday was :toilet:

Petition to have Portugal and Spain replaced with Italy and the Dutch if the latter 2 don’t qualify next time.

Yes I know the 3-3 was good, I am very fickle, ok?


fine without Italy tbh


Not much team news for Les Bleus today. Giroud might start ahead of Griezmann, who picked up a minor niggle against Australia, but I’d expect him to start. It could be another tough day out for the French but I expect them to grind another 3 points out.

To celebrate their impending victory over the Peruvians here’s Alcest with a beautiful slice of blackgaze in Souvenirs D’Un Autre Monde, which coincidentally translates as, “We’re gonna stick 4 past those Paddington Bear fuckers.”


After my dazzling success of getting yesterday’s results right and winning money, today’s bets are France to win, Argentina to win, Denmark to draw. Even before any kick offs I have severe doubts.