WORLD CUP! day fifteen

3pm games - Group H
:tv: BBC 1 :soccer: SENEGAL v COLOMBIA
:tv: BBC 2 :soccer: JAPAN v POLAND

7pm games - Group G
:tv: ITV 1 :soccer: ENGLAND v BELGIUM
:tv: ITV 4 :soccer: PANAMA v TUNISIA

:senegal: :colombia: :jp: :poland: wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji! :belgium: :panama: :tunisia:


Group G Table P GD Pts
1 wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji! England 2 +6 6 :slight_smile: :seat:
2 :belgium: Belgium 2 +6 6 :slight_smile:
3 :tunisia: Tunisia 2 -4 0 :x:
4 :panama: Panama 2 -8 0 :x:


Group H Table P GD Pts
1 :jp: Japan 2 +1 4
2 :senegal: Senegal 2 +1 4
3 :colombia: Colombia 2 +2 3
4 :poland: Poland 2 -4 0 :x:
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  • :senegal: Senegal
  • :colombia: Colombia
  • draw

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  • :jp: Japan
  • :poland: Poland
  • draw

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  • wait a second... this is a FAKE emoji! England
  • :belgium: Belgium
  • draw

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  • :panama: Panama
  • :tunisia: Tunisia
  • draw

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Probably needs a who cares option for that last one.

  • 100%
  • 50% 2 at once
  • 50% 1 at a time
  • 25%
  • It depends
  • 0%

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watching tonight’s game with an irl German actually
planning on being nice to him


Overly nice so they know you don’t really mean it but can’t say anything.

Haha you absolute legend


Just heard the correspondant in Kaliningrad refer to Belgian supporters dancing a Belgian Congo around the square.

A BBC correspondent?

In a client meeting all afternoon and then watching Flight of the Conchords tonight… so minimal football for me today and will catch up on the England match tonight when I get home.

Likewise! We both like belgium though, so…

England v Belgium looks like it could be the best match in a while it’s just st on at a stupid time where I live.

Have we done this yet? What do you want England to do tonight

  • Try to win
  • Try to lose
  • Not an England fan

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Who do you play should you win or lose?!

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There are only 2 funny options.

A) Completely wallop them while they don’t bother defending
B) kick the absolute shit into them to finish 2nd on fair play


Colombia in the 2nd round scares the heck out of me tbh and I am waiting to see where they finish before I want for anything
as a not England fan


Weird amount of people who claim to like football saying the way Germany ripped it up and started again after Euro 2000’s boring. Don’t get it. Most of the same people agree that’s precisely what England ought to be or even are doing. Particularly confused by this notion they play mechanical football (this tournament aside) when some of the players they’ve produced since then have been some of the most wonderful and unique players on the planet. Logistically it’s fucking fascinating what they’ve done. They need to look at it now because they’re falling behind at academy level and the league’s a formality, but i’m sure they’ll just tweak it and go again.


A good point was made on football weekly that we’ll inevitably shit ourselves and lose at some point, and I’d rather that happened against colombia/Brazil than japan/Sweden. So the harder the draw the better

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So. Play the first team. Smash Holland Jr., get the big red machine the golden Boot, fly home early in the knockout stages as the people’s champs

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There’s only 20 games left lads :disappointed_relieved:

We’re as good as Portugal, France, Uruguay, or at our best Brazil, but their seems to be a crushing inevitability that they’ll shithouse us if they need to. Against Portugal or Uruguay particularly you just know one of our all-round good lads will be goaded into a reaction or moment of inexperience. We need to learn how to dark arts teams ourself, but i’m just not sure it’s in our culture, especially in terms of defensive players. As much as i’m against it to a point, we need a bit more of that willingness to cheat when someone’s got your number.